Hitman - Console Performance

I’ve noticed recently my game has been under-performing the more I progress in Hitman 2 (including season 1 and 2). At first I thought it was related to keeping my xbox one on & playing for very long uninterrupted periods but now I’m more sure it’s related to my progression in the game (extended use does have an effect too obviously but my other games of the similar size haven’t been performing any worse). I have an external drive and the console has 50% free space so it’s not that.
Anyone else?

What do you mean by under performing?

I mean it literally takes 3 and a half minutes to load the game (digital copy plus disc too) from dashboard to Hitman 2 account sign-in; and that’s even including skipping the logo animation. And it’s been getting slower with the more time I put into the gameplay. It use to boot right up - no problem when I started it 2 months ago.
Specifically Microsoft Xbox One

Had a similar problem with Bethesda games on PS3. Very specific and I understand.

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Mine drags on main menu screen. I’m on xbox one .sometimes i push load button 2 or 3 times before it will connect to servers. Then it seems like a while before i get a screen to join xbox gold, then finally the main game screen.

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