Hitman Contract Servers Down Forever? (PS3-PS4, LOL)

I’m sure this is old news, but I can’t find it stated definitely anywhere. Are the Hitman Absolution Contract servers down forever?

I used to love the game and made a lot of contracts. Hadn’t played in years, but booted it up today and found the servers were offline. Not a surprise, but when I googled it to make sure all I found were claims that the servers needed to be taken offline due to a conflict between companies and who owned what. Ok, no big deal, it happens, buuttttt, LOL said repeatedly that they wanted to have the servers back up, but after that I can’t find anything. Some people have assumed that since it hasn’t happened it won’t, but there’s been no official statement.

Part of why I’m asking isn’t because I miss the online content, but because I want access to the contact maker. It was the only way to enter any mission with any gear. It was a perfect freeplay mode and made parties a lot more fun as people could design missions on the fly for a friend.

So in short, are the servers definitively down forever, and is there any way to access the contract designer today?

Hi @FurryEskimo
Hitman: Absolution was created under the ownership of Square Enix, and after IO Interactive parted ways with Square Enix the servers were no longer under IO Interactive’s control.
It is very unlikely that Contracts Mode will return to Hitman: Absolution.
Contracts Mode has returned in the new Hitman games and is exponentially better.
You can learn more about the new Hitman games right here
Have a good day!