Hitman: Contracts - Alternative Drop Animation (Mod)

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I swapped the pickup for drop. Seems more reasonable and stealthy for 47 to PLACE the gun on the ground rather than drop it, and make noise.

Note: Ignore his arm… Just a technical issue…


haha, igonre his GIANT FUCKING ARM THAT GOES ACROSS THE SCREEN, don’t worry, i’ve been able to ignore it. Nice mod though, i’ve been waiting for something like this for some time.


The arm was a failed experiment. I guess whatever rig they have for 47’s skeleton in contracts does not cooperate with that animation :laughing:
It was supposed to be 47 using his other arm to pull his coat open, like in Blood Money. :wink:

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You should try this trick with an assault rifle.

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It looks like the engine cannot read the information you modded inside the animation, as if it was designed to read a very specific form of data, how is it that you change the animation and re-compress it? Maybe we can make this work by inputting the same kind of data, but with different rotations for each frame.