Hitman Contracts alu suitcase with game and gloves


Hi there, my name is Patrik. I’m from Germany and i’m sorry for my bad english.
In the year 2005 there was a contest at GameStop (in this year the name of the shop was EB-Games)and i won the 2nd price. The alu suitcase of Hitman Contracts. With the original Game for PC and the gloves from Agent 47. Now my question is, was this the only suitcase or there are more. And what is it worth?20170419_154230


I’m a hitman memorabilia collector and I have never seen this item or heard about it. So I have no idea how many of these exist or what they are worth. But it looks cool, also what does it look like closed?





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Don’t sell it. That’s a gem.


Awesome item <3


I have one of these but I purchased mine around the time absolution was released, its identical to yours with a copy of the game and gloves, only the game in mine was absolution, I believe it was used at one of the gaming events


Do you have any pictures? When did absolution came out? How do you purchase it? My suitcase is from the year 2005!


Have no one an idea? I wrote to IO Interaktive but I only received an automatic mail. I have to wait…


I wrote 3 times to IO Interaktive and got no answer. Any idea?


What kinda answer do you expect from IO?


If it’s the only one or how many does exist and what is it worth.


I don’t think IO can answer that question, there is little chance that the guys who had a finger in the creation of this suitcase still works at IO or even did. It’s more likely that’s it’s Eidos who had a finger in this promotional collectible and it was specially made for Germany. Just like Everything is a Weapon promotional items from Absolution like the fiberwire and spoon.

Also what is worth is tricky, it’s only worth what people are willing to give. That could be 10 eur or 1000 eur, but all we can do is second guess what it could be worth.

So I wouldn’t expect a answer from IO regarding this item and i’m positive that they can’t answer it either way :confused:

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Ok thx. Maybe i want to sell it and i don’t know how much i can get for.


Hello Mr
Please send me pic of your suitcase. i think i just picked up the one mentioned here. very curious! if true, how come neither of these have the title on them? any merch always have the added title. im also on insta if easier. handacsaba


Yea is it possible for someone (@Lord_Hoschi) to repost the pictures? They are no longer able to be seen :slight_smile:



That’s pretty badass


its tremendous :ok_hand:i want to see tho
what @JaM_47 got as there are conflicting infos about the cases.


Seeing that this is the first time I saw these briefcases I’d assume the OPs BriefCase was a promotional product for those Gamestops/EB games in that region. Judging from online retailers and private sellers I can say that he is one of the very few who came forward on owning this piece of memorabilia. This might be the only time we see this type of stuff unless miraculously someone finds more of them so my advice to the OP @Lord_Hoschi don’t sell the briefcase and anything thay came with it. You are as far as I know the only known person to have the briefcase and theirfor the value of it is entirely up to you and what you think it’s especially since its from when Contracts was released making it one of the oldest known Hitman related memorabilia. I can’t compare both cases since your pictures wont load, but if its one of a kinds simply keep it unless you really wanna sell it.