Hitman Contracts Best & Worst Mission

Everyone post their best N worst mission in H3 and why
I’ll go first- Beldingford Manor(I don’t know, that creepy Manor fits my imagination of a perfect level)
Worst- The Lee Hong Assassination (Basically most remakes as they were splendid in C47, example TOTT)

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Tradition of the Trade is the best. Worse I think is the one with Boris in it. You don’t have much to do

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@badeaguard I think you mean Deadly Cargo, yes it’s a little bland and planting the GPS on the car is completely unnecessary.:blush:


You don’t even have to plant it. Just find your way to the ship and wait for Boris in his room. Done.

Best is Beldingford Manor and worst is The Bjarkov Bomb because you get alarms if the bodies of soldiers close to the submarine are spotted.


That’s what I meant, :wink:

Yes @scm97tl I think Bjarkov Bomb is the longest mission in the classic Hitman games.

15 minutes is wich it usually takes me. I like Contracts a lot in general. Along with SA, it has some of the most satisfactory missions to do SA/SO. And personally, I really like Deadly Cargo. Dunno why but I feel it has nice choices and ways of completion outside the typical waiting for Boris at his room


SA had the best story.Period. Nothing can beat walking through the Indian Market in the lookout for assassin’s or getting unexpectedly shot at by 17 in St Petersburg😜


Beldingford Manor hands down, not only the best Contracts mission, but in my opinion the best Hitman mission in general. Worst? Hunter and the hunted probably. As stated before by the bear, Bjarkov Bomb is superb as well.


With all the Beldingford Manor praise, I didn’t like the level that much, probably not even in my top 5 for levels in Contracts. IMO I think TotT is way better, and I just thought Beldingford Manor was boring for a level. But the mansion was cool though. I also really like Meat Kings Party, probably my second favorite level in Contracts. I also really liked Deadly Cargo, because I enjoyed role playing as a SWAT member.

Meat kings party was cool. The sketchy Atmosphere really set it off. Deadly Cargo was good too @theinternet11

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You never guess my favorite. :^) But the worst for me is Lee Hong Assassination. Other Hong Kong missions were great but I didn’t like that one. Well, at least you can save unlike in C47.

Hmm. This is a tough one. Oh, I got it! Your favourite is Slaying A Dragon!

You guys forgetting the iconic “Meat King’s Party”? :wink: A slaughterhouse + rave music + drugs + sex + psychopath who just murdered a girl. This is by far the darkest mission in hitman contracts. I’d love to remake this level with a LOT more oomph :wink: huehuehue


Best for me is Beldingford Manor. It’s probably my favourite in the series. I also really like Traditions of the Trade, and Deadly Cargo. Worst is definitely either Asylum Aftermath or Bjarkhov Bomb. I fucking DESPISE how tedious getting Silent Assassin on Bjarkhov is.

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Bjarkhov Bomb sucks, my favorite is The Lee Hong Assassination.

I have to mention the mission no one ever talks about: Rendezvous in Rotterdam. I always enjoy to go back there and find new strats. The targets are really easy to kill, but I like those creative electrocution and poison tattoo kills (I’m still sad that the car kill can’t be done with Van Leuven, only some random dude). And rendezvous is a cool word. :^)

Your username?? Beldingford

Dude that’s the joke.