Hitman: Contracts - BETA Content Showoff (MOD)

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47 was originally going to have an ending monologue like that of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin?

“I don’t know what got me out of Paris alive. Pride or greed? It’d be nice to think so, but I doubt it. Feelings and emotions have their appeal. But when I try them on, they just don’t fit. Seems I can only do… What I was made to do. Shot for shot, dollar for dollar. That’s why I am able to leave Paris…”


So it was to be another deep-feeling monologue in place of Diana giving him the information about the Franchise. Even the cutscene was just focused in 47 with nothing else to show.


In the Beta, Diana wasn’t even on the plane with 47 to begin with. In fact, soon after the doctor saves 47’s life, Diana isn’t heard from again until 47 steps foot into Vegas. Which was originally going to be put into Contracts after Traditions of The Trade, or sometime after Hong Kong. That whole section was scrapped, and later put into Blood Money. Diana was thrown onto the plane later into development to cover up the “Confusion” players would have as 47 gives his speech with no Vegas missions.


After over a decade, I’m still learning new things about this game. It’s a nice monologue, though I’d argue the scene with Diana worked better given how it sets up the events of BM.

One of the things I like about Contracts and SA are the comments/observations 47 would sometimes make to himself before a mission, it really helped set the tone and let us know what the character was thinking.


Interesting stuff
Any more unused dialogue you came across in Contracts?

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I like this ending a lot better. The Canon ending started this never ending cycle of Diana and 47 being too dependent on each other. The games were 47 as an assassin and Diana as his handler. Not much handholding information or meeting in person. Now we are at a point where the relationship is just a bit too personal for my liking and this cutscene here shows me the turning point.


I’m still looking around for that jazz. If there is beta dialogue content that has no sound, I can still pull up its presence via subtitle files :wink:

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How did you get the beta??? I checked the hitman contracts demo files and, contrary to what you described in your methods, there’s no beta content…

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It’s tricky… I have special programs that literally rip binary data out of the level files, and fuse them together via handpicked content

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I have no idea what that means. This is some Deus Ex level sh*t.


Hmm… as far as I know, you are the only person earth with the ability to do this… (as well as mod the game to the extent you have)

This’ll seem weird if I don’t introduce myself. I’m like the STiPo of Hitman: Contracts. I’m strangely obsessed with the games development and other random impossibly minor things. No other hitman games, just Contracts. I think it’s due to the games dark, mysterious atmosphere and how unique it was. It left me wanting more, but alas the game only had 12 missions so… Yeah.

Anyway, is there a way I can contract (meant to type contact but I’ll leave it in anyway) you other than this?

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What the heeeell? Really? Seriously? How come i’ve missed this throughout all these years. I’ve studied Contracts’ files for so long and i never noticed this audio. This would have been a perfect ending monologue, such a shame that iOi cut it. Really good find, man! Bravo!


Kcuts, i’d really like to stay in touch with you, man. The company of intelligent people like you who can data mine and reverse engineer games is always welcome to me. Much love brother! <3

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Your best contact method would be on this forum. Stay tuned, as well. Every interesting find, or mod I make, I post them all here for the public to view and try out. :slight_smile:

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Okay =) I will! By the way, was this beta ending monologue a separate audio file or was it a cutscene?

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I believe it was part of the HMC_Outro.bik file

I’ll tell you what i can do. I can dig deeper, and rip that monologue straight out of there, and see if there was any parts cut from it for one, and hear it clear as day for two

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Anything i find, i will put here. if i can rip an audio file from that bink cutscene, i will paste a download here for you.

I’ve dug around in Hitman 2’s cutscenes, and I found that there is a very very early audio file that 47 was supposed to read. There is no sound for it unfortunately. All I can get is the subtitle text. But it reads “It’s summer - about mid day. The people here are dependent, pious, and gullible. Going through the garden shed, I’ve put my past down to come back home. This calm life I may have wished i was created into. It’s about time I head on over to the church…”

This was supposed to play right in the intro, when 47 was picking tomatoes and caring for the garden. Ending with him sitting down at the confession booth.


Ah… but the question is, can bik files be deconstructed? I mean, can you extract the audio dialogue part from the video without all the background noise. If this is possible then the 47’s monologue speech will make great tribute material, y’know, fan tributes on Youtube and such.

Hmm, really? Again, i’m impressed by your reverse engineering. I’ve researched C47, SA and Contracts files a lot and i’ve never found that text. It must be really early if Bateson hadn’t even voiced it yet.

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More or less, i assume IOI scrapped bateson reading it permanently. I guess it killed the retail atmosphere given for players viewing that cutscene for the very first time. Of all my ripping through files of that game, i have never found the file…

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Ah yes… Well, anyway, IOI should have went with the beta ending for Contracts. It would have been much more climatic and epic. Contracts being my favorite of the series, there’s still new stuff to be discovered. By the way, did you know that i was the first person ever to discover Ort Meyer’s body lying on the floor in the main menu? The thread might still exist in the archives of the old HMF (probably around 2011-2012).

I disabled the lighting with 3D-analyzer and there it was, Ort Meyer’s corpse on the floor.

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