Hitman Contracts beta - cut stealth kill with firearms

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When in stealth mode in the earlier builds of Contracts, it seems that if you are right behind and enemy with a firearm, and press the button to fire, 47 will smack the enemy in the back of the head with it, knocking them out/killing them. Why was this never used???


In the released version of Contracs, the pistol whipping exists as a semi-stealthy KO that lasts for a few seconds. From my experience playing on Professional difficulty, a single whip will KO civilians but you need 3 hits to KO a guard or hostile NPC. In any case, they will wake up with knowledge of you putting them to sleep and most likely will result in an alert or at least the message of they looking for someone matching your current appareance.

I guess they retook the idea for Blood Money, combining it with the human shiled as a mean to hand the player unlimited KOs at the cost of these being louder.


I agree. But rather than walking up to an enemy, and smacking their face with it, making noise, why did they scrap the special move of him holding their mouth and hitting the back of their head with it like the video? It is much more… 47 this way
Doing this actually kills the NPC in the beta :joy:

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Maybe that made the game too easy. Contracts is a peculiar case and has lots of details that make me wonder at times what was supposed to be an intended design choice and what not.

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Woah awesome finding dude!

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damn, this is an amazing find my man! :smiley: A very cool feature as well :smiley:

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The camera jerks strangely when you do it, as though it’s not an intended feature.

Could you provide a video in the daytime? It might make it easier to see. If there are any daytime missions in Contracts haha.

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I will see what i can do. If anything, move it into a room with light :wink: