Hitman: Contracts - Better First Person (MOD TEST)

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#This mod is an installment to the Contracts: Reborn Mechanical Mod. It makes the First Person in Contracts feel much more like a modern FPS, where the gun or guns are in each corner of the screen, and they move left and right bits of time. Similar to Call of Duty, if you will. But for extra eye candy, two handed guns, like snipers and M4’s, 47 will actually tilt them sideways against his chest, and run with them like that, so they are not bouncing up and down like a fierce monkey! Check it out!

#By the way, right when I uploaded this, I realized that I left out the dual silverballers. Since it’s already uploaded, I cannot show you what those looked like unfortunately, but I will describe it. Instead of holding them out about 4 feet from 47, with arms stiff and flat like planks, he actually holds them up to his shoulders, and has the two guns tilted upward like this:


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