Hitman: Contracts - Card Sleeve (UK retailer special)

Wikipedia lists a special edition of Contracts (The installment, not the mode) that apparently came with a card sleeve. I can’t find any information regarding this edition on the internet. I only know of Blood Money’s Steel case and collector’s edition. This mysterious card sleeve edition seems like it never even existed.

example of a card sleeve

Never heard of this. But I’m confused… why would Hitman: Contracts come with card sleeves in the first place? For what…

It’s nothing but a collector’s item, assuming it ever even existed. A Hitman themed sleeve for whatever cards. Much like San Andreas was promoted with that extremely rare bicycle and how Manhunt 2 was promoted with the special wristband (which i happen to own).

The utter lack of evidence and information of this ‘‘Contracts Card Sleeve’’ is suspicious and makes me think someone just wrote this shit on Wikipedia with no basis in reality.

In the PAL category

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Yeah, to be honest it sounds made up. I never heard of this edition either. Plus, you would think an item a part of a collectors edition would have something remotely in common with the actual game…

Card sleeves for Hitman: Contracts? Like, why?? :crazy_face:

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Yes, it does sound made up. Though i generally believe Wikipedia since it usually provides source for content that might seem questionable.

Someone has to build a time machine, go back to 2004, and visit a Gamestop in UK to solve this mystery. I can’t do it 'cause my time machine broke last Thursday.

As a collector of Hitman memorabilia, it isn’t something I ever heard about. @Travis_IOI might know something about it or be able to find information regarding this item. It could simply also be a mistake, there are no sources tied to the listing.

Imagine 47 handing out ‘ICA’ cards!

Although their number does get around…

I haven’t heard about it but went to look in the ‘vault’ and found something…

It’s more like a box than a paper sleeve, but this might be what they’re talking about? It was before my time and I’ve not heard specifically about a cardboard sleeve version of the game, but this does exist. It’s the only one I could find and it wasn’t open, but I can hear that there’s clearly a game in there.

To compound the mystery further, the box has the US age rating, so there might yet be another version out there that was exclusive to the UK retail.



The regular box version is just there for comparison and the box version has an embossed effect that it was hard to take a good photo of.


Excellent research, Travis. The money has been wired to your account.




@Mads47 I’d like to see your Hitman collection.

The mystery will never be solved

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Dude, look at Travis Post and my reply (that you liked)…

I suggest you kill that oblivious enthusiasm of yours and read his post again, this time by paying attention. Travis was merely speculating on what this mysterious edition sold in UK (which supposedly contained card sleeves) might have been. As a side note he showcased us the specially packaged edition that was sold in US instead.

See? Pure speculation. The US age rating should be a dead giveaway that it’s not the mysterious edition mentioned on Wikipedia.

And yes, i liked your post because i thought you were admiring the special US edition Travis was showcasing. Apparently you weren’t so there’s no need for my ‘‘like’’ after all.

I think you misunderstood me dude :sweat_smile:

You wondered if this Collector’s Edition exists and it does:

It IS indeed the mysterious edition mentioned on wikipedia.

The Card Sleeves have nothing to do with the card protector plastic bags, it’s about the box being made with some sort of cardboard box.

And yes, i was admiring the Special Edition he has :slight_smile:
(UK or US that i don’t know.)

They don’t? I thought it meant literal sleeves for card. As in playing cards. I don’t know so i’m just gonna take your word for it.

The US age rating label confused me since Wikipedia specifically said this ‘‘Card Sleeve Edition’’ was sold exclusively in UK.

I like it too. I used to collect video game stuff like special editions and merchandise but then i stopped 'cause i figured that in 100 years i’ll be dead and all my stuff will be gone anyway so why collect anything.

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Hi, just joined after finding this interesting thread. I think I could have found it:

Hitman card

However, this is in German language. But what you described (a Hitman Contracts card sleeve) does indeed appear to exist.

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Another image where you can see card sleeve better:

Hitman card 2

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