Hitman: Contracts - Dynamic Dialogue (Mod) WIP TEST

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Yes, It is finally here! A mod where you can actually control what 47 says to NPCs with dynamic dialogue… However, this was EXTREMELY DIFFICULT! I had to wire in the audio that 47 uses, and script in the subtitles. It was not fun, but it looks pretty fucking decent, I must say.

      • So, how does it work?? 47 can go to any NPC that he can actually talk to, like the bartender, Agent Smith, etc. and when you talk to them, the original conversation will play. But when it is over, and the last person says their last sentence, the dialogue menu will still be open, but nothing will be on the screen. That is because this is early development. I will try to get a menu up to see what you can say. All you do is use the NUMPAD, and press 1-8. each number will have a dialogue quote 47 will say. Once he is done, it will go back to the menu, and you can say another. However, at the moment, I realized you cannot leave dialogue, so I made a dialogue option that kills 47. You will see at the end of the video.**

The NPC will have a confused expression on his face until you say something, and there is a special hand gesture animation that ONLY plays when 47 says something from the DD menu. Hope you like it! :smiley:


I forgot to mention this, but NPCs also CANNOT respond to 47… Yet. :wink:


13 years later, Hitman: Contracts is getting a new layer of stealth/interaction.



Square Enix will notice this, and hire you to make Hitman : Contracts Reborn…