Hitman: Contracts HD Overhaul - SUGGESTIONS?

Hello, Hitman forumers! I’m sure most of you have heard of the Hitman Contracts HD graphical overhaul W.I.P. And why don’t some of you guys suggest things you want to see? Like, more blood, bloody Sturrock, naked prostitutes inside the party, etc. Here is is the video from the FIRST mission, which is finished.

The video is dark, I apologize. But try that level out now!

But SUGGEST things for Meat King’s Party. If you suggest it, you will see it! :grin:

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  • Naked Prostitutes
  • BLOODY Butchers
  • Better Blood

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If something you want isn’t on the list, SUGGEST it! :smiley:

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Absolution 47


Try as best you can to make things look more disturbing. Bloody butchers is a good start, I’d also recommend changing the guest outfits a bit by maybe adding some blood or something to them?

Good luck with the project man, enjoyed Asylum Aftermath and looking forward to Meat King’s Party!

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Absolution 47 can be done, but that would mean a HELL of a lotta work. Considering glacier engine games only hand out their texture files. But Since it is a request, I will make one the best I can for your own enjoyment. :wink:

Thank you! means a lot! And I assure you that The Meat King’s Party will be “something special”. Lots of time is being put into it. I will get you something brilliant out of it! :grin:

First suggestion is finished! The blood has been tweaked of all hell, and done! Next poll!


  • Naked Prostitues
  • Bloody Shoes
  • Realistic Gore Colors
  • SCARY+BLOODY Sturrock
  • Better Rain

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I voted for naked whores, but i’ve always wanted better rain for Contracts. It’s a must!


I’m sure naked whores will be added soon. Perv… lol. :laughing: But rain enhancements will automatically be used, but to vote for them, makes it better. :wink:

Whores because blow up doll’s gettin’ lame. But nah, Rain and gore.

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Teehee! :smirk:

20 chars…

So wait… are you telling me that you’re actually visually remastering Hitman: Contracts even though there have never been any other mods for the classic Hitman games (aside from some lame skins for Blood Money and SA). If you manage to do anything even close to what Thief Gold HD Mod did then i’ll be grateful to you forever! Just remember that Postal_Dude believes in you and your project!

I’m usually really skeptical when it comes to modding non-mod friendly games such as Hitman, but if you think you can do it then go ahead!

Keep up the good work @Kcuts_Titogi! :sunglasses:

Now THIS is some fine texture modding on an old masterpiece which i love even more than Hitman honestly speaking!

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Your faith in the project can bump it up a notch, you know. Just know that you’ll have a badass Hitman project coming your way soon, and think of it as A NEW Hitman: Contracts! :smiley: The HD trilogy bullshit for the Xbox was the same definition as the PS2. I actually am redesigning the whole game! :grin:

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:sunglasses: Alright! Can’t wait to see what you can do mon! Sounds fookin’ awesome! I just tried Asylum Aftermath HD and i gotta say… you might have a chance at this mate!

May i suggest this: In addition to retexturing you should try to increase the view distance of rain since in the vanilla game it’s very noticable how short the distance actually is.

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Thanks! Honestly speaking as well, Thiefgold and I should work together with the classic Hitman games! Imagine what it would look like then! But I have pretty much finished retexturing Hitman 2 a LONG time ago, it is totally REMASTERED. Just look at the differences from these two videos. Look for TEXTURES, COLORS, BLOOM, SHADOWS, etc. Even the MUSIC was enhanced! You will hear “47 Makes A Descision” Remastered in the beginning of the modded version! The two videos compare DEFAULT to MODDED. :smiley:
The modded version’s talk with vittorio and 47 is a W.I.P.!



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That’s greaat… that’s really great, but you know what? I was browsing your youtube channel and found this.

Did you stole my fucking video?

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You could say that, but I never credited myself as to saying “I created this video”. I just shared it, and put a copy on my channel. I could credit you if you like. :wink:

You know i spent quite a lot of time on that video on Sony Vegas Pro and you just fucking stole it? Not cool bro… You better credit me (Hoxton47) on your description or something… then we cool.

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Hoxton47 as original creator. I’l credit you

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So… Whad’d you think of the HM2 retexture? Suggestions?

Sorry for “bumping” but is this still on the table? If so, I would’ve of loved to see a Blood Money 47, Suppressed Silverballers as a starter and a single non suppressed Silverballer from Hitman 2. A mine at the start of every level would also be nice, especially the multiple ones on the Bjarkov Bomb. This may be a stretch but I would like to see a weapon option menu like Silent Assasin before the start of every level (except Asylum Aftermath, naturally). The Japan levels should be reworked to be exactly like their Codename 47 counterparts but more rainy and with 47’s parked Asian car as a mission finish. Traditions of the Trade should also be reworked to have Fuch’s bodyguards with their original suit and them wielding Golden Desert Eagles (or regular ones if that’s possible). Fuchs’s suppressed weapon should be a Luger or the original WW1 pistol from Blood Money but with it being suppressed.
This is also very much a stretch but I would like to see gear upgrades (like the improved lockpick and armor).