Hitman: Contracts - No Tie (MOD) + Download

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#This mod aims to completely remove 47’s tie from his mesh in Hitman: Contracts. You will not have to ever see it flicking around obnoxiously like it does ever again! :smile:


(((((( BACK UP FILES!!! ))))


#To Install:

  • Place the Contracts.exe in your main directory, and overwrite
  • Place Ms.dll in your main directory
  • Place MCBootCheckMenu.ZGF in “Alllevels” folder, and overwrite
  • Place ModeSelectMenu.SGP in “Alllevels” folder, and overwrite
  • Place MainMenu.SUP in main directory, and overwrite :smiley:

It would be more fun to have 47 as he is in the hotel, shot. There he has shed his tie and there is a big blood splatter in his dress shirt. Once 47 would’ve changed his shirt in the cutscenes, it would be nice to see a striped shirt and tie.


It is too complicated for that kind of s…t.


Kcuts_Titogi, I just wanted to say that i have been visiting hitmanforum for a lot of time and i just created this account to tell you i loved your tease about a hitman contracts mod. Hope to see it finished. Hitman contracts atmosphere with Hitman Blood Money mechanics is just a glorious wish for a lot of the old hardcore hitman fans. Thank you!


You are very welcome, sir! Glad you like it! Would you like to test the mod out for me? Just to get a review on to-do’s? :slight_smile:

I would be happy to do it.

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Yes @Kcuts_Titogi Contracts with blood Money mechanics is a dream of the players of classic Hitman games like @jcrash said. Plz go ahead with it. BtW to me 47 is not complete without his tie. It’s just a matter of personal opinion.But good work anyway :heart_eyes:

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#It sounds like a definite plan! :wink:
I will see what I can do, and I will also see if I can replace the Contracts weapon select menu with the Blood Money one. :smile: