Hitman: Contracts - Secret Underground Testing Room (TMKP)

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#While screwing around on The Meat King’s Party, gathering footage for another spoof video, I snuck around the corner of the conveyor panel, and just as I did that, a pork bumped me hooked above, and pushed me under the ground into some red void with some NPCs wandering around there. Looks like a Testing Room IO used to test the meak hooks out. :wink:


Hitman has drifted into the hell. It was inevitable.


Man, that was creepy in the beginning with the Paul Anka’s song playing in the dark :laughing:
Still, very cool!


Wow. Who could have imagined that contracts had even darker and deeper secrets.


Haha, I know! I will be on the lookout for other things. @AgentNo47 I called it hell as well, lol.
The Paul Anka song was an addition to the Contracts Reborn mod. It is supposed to play ambiantly when 47 is in the factory. I don’t like it very much… I might change it. :wink: