Hitman: Contracts Testing a Free Camera Script (MOD)

@HSRGV @YourGudBudNel @Thales_Kruger @Rafaelito258 @EricTheAussie @AGENT_58 @scm97tl @StealthShadow

You wanted it, it is almost here. I finally rigged a script that activates this hard to get camera, and makes it functional, however it is not ready to be released.


Dayummm and chased off by the guard?! This shit is super tight kcuts. Keep me updated on the progress of this thing. 14 years later and you’re the first to get it working on PC! Woohoooo!

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Will do my old friend :wink:

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Amazing job Kcuts! You never fail to impress me. I’d hug you if i was there :hugs: . We’re THIS close to getting a functional free cam for Contracts.

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