Hitman COOP idea (lore friendly)

I have always wanted a COOP hitman mode but knew it would never make sense lore wise so I came up with an idea for a COOP mode that could fit well within the story. What if in the COOP mode the ICA is testing out a new program where hits would be performed by squads. The ICA is putting their agents to the test by making them walkthrough 47’s previous missions in a simulation/reenactment to see if they could do just as good or even better than the OG himself.

This way redoing a mission with friends will make sense as you are just running through a simulation and doing stupid stuff with friends would also make sense as this is just a simulation and the risks are much lower.

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I know making new characters with the ability to put on any suit in the game adds a new layer of complexity and work to the game but just having 2-4 47s would still technically work according to this lore because it’s a simulation so the team dosnt have to push themselves to hard.