Hitman customer engagement

I have played season 1 for @1200Hrs
Season 2 playtime is @300 Hrs till date
Even though season 1 had 3 Great and 3 mediocre maps the playtime is substantially more. Out of 6 most hours were spent on Paris, sapienza,hokkaido.
Season 2 had 5 spectacular maps, and even then the playtime is significantly less. Not that I have any less time to spend on games. I have more time than ever now. But the levels are worm out for me. No freshness in them. No life.

As a developer IOI must have monitored season 1 vs season 2 engagement of repeat customers. I would doubt that for repeat customers there is any increase in playtime w.r.to season 1.
I feel the average ratio would be 0.7, that means season 2 playtime is less by 30% than season 1.

I am worried for season 3.