HITMAN: Definitive Edition Annoucement


To be fair, Requiem was a pre-order bonus, the GOTY “update” was free, though the content that came with it wasn’t, and the anniversary outfit pack has nothing to do with season 1 as such, and is unessential cosmetics for IOIs 20th birthday

I’m so glad they didn’t start charging for challenge packs, unlockable suits or inventory items as DLC, that would of been jumping the shark, though for a game that is 2 years old at this point, only having 3 DLCs, 2 of which are cosmetics, I think IO are doing a great job of keeping everything under the “you pay once and thats it” mentality (for the most part).

God knows what this game would look like if EA made it…


Agree, they made a lot of free content, which is great! “if I paid for the game, let me enjoy it” and that’s how it makes sense.


I might have not studied steelbox design but cutting off half of 47’s face looks horrible. IO should have decided to use only one of the two pictures.


I see they are no longer even referring to it as Season 1 anywhere.

Season 2 is either gonna be packaged as a separate sequel or its not gonna happen at all


Don’t fret, pretty sure there will be another four or five editions of Hitman in the next 24 months for them to improve upon their unsightly cover art.


Man, you guys are savages. Put down the pitchforks already. Wow.


If the steelbox gets bigger each time, they can start using the comic to print their steel-surfing-board-edition :sweat_smile:

It is just a bit fun, why not :slight_smile:


That’s really going to bug me if it becomes a sequel rather than season two, as season one didn’t have a decent beginning, middle and an end story-wise for it to be classed as it’s own separate game.


It’s referred to as season 1 in the game’s own campaign menu. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if the next game is a separate entity, I don’t care as long as it releases.


That would be strange as the story of Season 1 ended on a big cliffhanger. The story in Hitman games usually have a clear begin and ending to them.


They could have decided to change direction for any number of reasons, I consider season 1 a complete game so I’m just saying I see it as a real possibility.


Well, congrats to them on staying afloat and moving forward, but this is making me think it more likely that we won’t get a peek at S2 until E3. If it’s not out before 2019, I will absolutely diarrhea.

And then buy it anyway.


that steelbook is tempting :drooling_face:


I feel you bro :tired_face:


I don’t know if that was mentionned in this big heap of posts, but the official site says there are still 12-24 Gigs of data that aren’t on the disc. Plus there’s still the online-only thing going on, so I’m not sure I see the point of this edition.

I mean, the best reason to have the definitive physical edition these days is to still have the full game whenever the online stores/game servers go down. This edition won’t do that at all. It doesn’t even have the full game on disc.


Well the game is designed this way sadly, it doesn’t work offline. I guess when all support ends of this game a last patch makes it full offline.

My Internet was broken for a week recently, had only 128kbit/s. While I have not that much of an urge to play, it was a bit annoying that even if I wanted I could not play the game.


that cut off face isn’t on the steelbox, only on the crappy cardboard cover.

also the game can be played offline


Huh, did they change something? Last time I tried many things did not work offline.


There’s some subtle differences, but yeah depending on the model composition you could just mod the Hokkaido ninja suit with a few texture changes to go full alpha on the face mask and sleeves, and add some red to the string and you’d be pretty darn close.

Don’t mean to rag on IO because priorities obviously lie elsewhere, but yeah kinda low-effort.


Isn’t it still the same deal where you can’t unlock anything, get any achievement or even see what the achievements are without being online?

I’d hardly call that playable, especially if you’ve never connected online. Even if there eventually is a patch that enables offline play, you won’t be able to download it without being online.