HITMAN: Definitive Edition Annoucement


Assuming they stick with the release model they’ve laid out, I imagine it would have it’s own title, much like “Patient Zero.” It would be the second season, thus “season 2,” but would be officially titled more like, “HITMAN: Something.” I think throwing “Season 2” around in reference to a game might be deemed kind of confusing to consumers. Or maybe it wouldn’t.

HITMAN: Y 2 Mama Tambien


HITMAN Season 2: Electric Boogaloo


HITMAN : Year XXI or HITMAN: Blackjack.


Hitman Season 2 late for anyone to care.


HITMAN: IN SPACE :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


HITMAN : Forever

(sorry duke nukem and ioi)


LMAO hahahahahahahaha


Has to be the steelbook for the extra £5 surely? and in terms of offline mode this was never gonna happen.


Late to the birthday party for this but whatever.
Congrats IOI, didn’t need this other edition but if it helps you get more players, good for you.

Now I need to decide if I’ll get these new outfits. They look pretty weird (especially that green soldier-type disguise) but I am intrigued by the makeshift ninja one. Depends on the price, not a big follower of IO (or really at all), so I’m in the dark about all those references…

Hopefully the next announcement is something big. Season 2, or whatever it’s being called now, better be close to completion, or at least close for some sort of look at it. Please.


The Definitive Edition is out


They’ve used ‘best assassin game ever’ quote countless times now


The Freedom Phantom Suit alone is worth the money. The detail on the American flag patch is stunning. Can’t wait to rep the good ol us of a through the streets of Marrakesh.

They shouldn’t be afraid to release the suits as singles. These outfits are good value bundled but I think they work even better alone. Allowing the consumer to pick confidently which hitman look they prefer. Each detail is worth every edition, honestly.

Look at the sweat on the Lynch suit!

Getting hyped waiting for my download thinking about those detailed textures on the Futo suit, I know you guys see those ripples of the fabric!


Had to dislike the video. EVERYTIME, some BS quotes from year old magazines, NO ACTUAL GAMEPLAY or animation improvement, just some nice shots of reloading, killing and stuff. 3 boring ass costumes, especially the ‘FUTO’ suit which is an exact copy of the ninja suit but a few elements have been edited out. Lynch suit is just a tanktop.

Season 2 is kinda announced since Travis hinted towards that but still, 2 years NOTHING. I wish that they dont just show a CGI trailer and then spend 2 hours talking with gameplay from season 1. What HITMAN really needs is a complete overhaul of animations and gameplay.


Your most worthy 10 bucks in cosmetics.


Seriously, what did you expect ? An announcement of season 2 in 2016 or 2017 with a CGI trailer and actual gameplay ? Make a game takes time…

Shigeru Miyamoto: A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.


I wait to pay for these suits until we get S2 news.


The PS4 reveal trailer came out on June 2015 , ‘Welcome to Sapienza’ on Oct, 2015. Several announcements, interviews, obviously since the game was going to be released. Last level was released on 31st October, all new stuff is re skinned. I’m not berating or saying IO did nothing, but when it comes to gameplay the game severely lacks. Stealth or crouching is not that great when NPCs cant hear you running or walking, features which were present in previous games, even in the alpha version are not there, no human shield, no dual wielding, no genuine variety of weapons or weapon mods.

I have always supported IO and always will and i trust that these 2 years of silence hopefully mean really awesome gameplay improvements. Try the cover system, the combat, you KNOW its lacking the oomph, sound effects for weapons, genuine feel of weight when you snipe someone and you can see the carnage, right now the body just flops around and ALL the guards know where you are irrespective of the distance or visibility.

But these ‘10 different types of SUPER DUPER STEEL PLATINUM DIAMOND EDITIONS’ are not good. No need to tell ya this but, no NEW stuff is announced for a VERY long time.


Couldn’t disagree more about it. Yes, some things require fixing but complete overhaul would destroy the beautiful and creative sandbox that Hitman is.


I sincerely hope they change 47’s walking. It feels so weird imo. Is like rigid, it seems he skates on air when stop walking


I’ll buy if henchman outfit is included