HITMAN: Definitive Edition Annoucement


All these new “suits” that don’t even remotely resemble suits sure are going to make “suit only” videos confusing to look at.


Is the “suit” bundle released on ps4 yet as dlc in NA?





They will officially announce S2 at E3 this year. If not then next year :joy: but no seriously they will announce it in a month


Agreed…they better show off their very best in a month or else I’ll lose all faith. These suits feels like a fake apology for making us wait this long. :unamused:


IO, There’s only so many times you can show slo-mo shots of 47 walking through maps we’ve seen for over two years. I really agree with @YourGudBudNel that there is still so much polish that needs to be done on the game.

Between now and Season 2 we really need a patch that addresses (what I think) are the core issues of the game:

  • Inconsistency of the core gameplay (cough head turning cough)
  • Lack of focus on weapon variety and handling
  • Amateur animation work within the cover system, 47s movement as well as handling weapons
  • Community requested features such as the briefcase, human shields, duel silverballers, etc
  • UI revamp, people are literally posting on the forum asking where content that they purchased is since the main menu UI is so crap
  • Probably won’t change, but just remove the need to always be online (they’ve made steps towards it, but haven’t bit the bullet)

Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed that the episodic model was meant to provide IO with more opportunities with fixing issues and addressing concerns from the community, but apart from a few instances, IO seems to be actively avoiding fixing anything the community clearly wants fixed.



LUL To further back up my point of a clear lack of polish, notice the blatant clipping issues on 47’s left hand on an official screenshot.


So @Travis_IOI, the suits pack isn’t available for individual purchase? If so, when will it be?


Did they add a new takedown with the Ninka suit or is it for all suits?


I don’t think there have been any dates officially announced, but in the original announcement it said,


That’s not a new animation.


I haven’t play the game for a while now.


That is an awesome takedown. Is that from your gameplay? If so, what type of attack did you use?


Ya, I can’t remember the video I got it from but just attack from directly in front and it should happen. Not sure how consistent it is to occur, though.


We still have NPCs running straight to your location after suppressed sniper fire in this “stealth game.”

And the thing where 47 gets temporarily “stuck” in-place when you try to holster a pistol while running? Still there.



While those niggles are annoying, there comes a point where IO-I need to stop tinkering with season 1 and actually deliver on season 2.


Exactly,I suppose many changes that we’d like to see will be in season 2.


Have you not heard? The 47 apex edition of season 1 is coming after E3 2018…


If anyone’s wondering, here’s the ‘IOI Account’ feature in the new update. (1.14.2)


Is the News letter just a regular mailing one or ingame?