HITMAN: Definitive Edition Annoucement


good to hear. can’t have them push down micro transactions on future stuff from you guys


Any idea when it will become available to pre-order?


@Travis_IOI does this mean that future Hitman games will be published bei Warner, too? The Gematsu article sounds so.


Lovely jubbly, good stuff.


I would also assume that. So I won’t be getting it.
Hope a lot of people do though. I want this studio to succeed and for a season 2 to happen at some point.


@Travis_IOI Would there be a Definitive Edition for PC in the future as well?


how tho, this is essentially just a disc version of the GOTY edition (which was digital only)


GOTY was digital only. It’s understandable that they needed to have a new edition with a new name to convince Warner Bros to a new physical version.


Today’s announcement is focused on the Definitive Edition. We’re not sharing any news about future projects today.

That’s not in the pipeline. The Definitive Edition is only for Xbox One and PS4.


Anyone else feel this is a bit…lacking? The only new thing on the table is 3 outfits… :confused::unamused:


Keyword - today :slight_smile:


So basically for the people who have everything only the outfits will be new. Will they be available to purchase separately?


This is merely the GOTY edition + some outfits to call it a new edition so WB is willing to publish it phisically. It’s unlikely WB would accept just publishing the GOTY edition because that’s already months old.


Who thought… oh, nevermind.


won’t we get new outfits as pc player?


When did Hitman turn into “The Sims”

Fuck it I’ll buy weed first, watch people play on you tube then forget about it and then buy the definitive-ultimate-classic-remake addition for $5 bucks later.

after I play the hell out of the free maps and stuff they give away in an effort to maintain hype.


From the blog post: “The Anniversary Outfit bundle will be made available for purchase on digital platforms later this year.” (That includes PC!)


Yeah, looking forward to Season 2 announcement tomorrow :joy:

But seriously, I feel like IOI is missing a huge opportunity here. There’s more people playing Hitman than ever before. Season 2 announcement would generate so much hype among all the new players thanks to the Spring Pack. I sincerely hope IOI doesn’t wait too long with S2 before everyone moves on to other games.


Todays announcement feels like the first step in the grand scheme of things. Season 2 at E3 is now possible imo.


The thing I don’t get…all of these for a physical release. That I understand, but with IOI’s budget, rather than doing partnerships some for a physical release, they should work on digital and good updates. Cheaper, can give us a lot more, and will make the fans buy it.
I love outfits as much as the next guy, but this is literally a tank top outfit and a poor man’s ninja. Insyead of giving…oh idk, the actual ninja from Hokkaido???
Come on, we need some good outfits!