HITMAN: Definitive Edition Annoucement


I don’t think you know how budgets work? The investment on the outfits in terms of time and money were clearly minimal, and they got a deal on a physical version to be released worldwide out of it. The physical complete version will make lots of money that wouldn’t otherwise be there, money IOI can use to make Season 2 even better.


More like money IoI can take and liquidate with. there is no season 2.


so wait, you think IOI went out of their way to buy themselves and the IP out of Square Enix… just to close shortly after?
That’s one dumb conspiracy theory.


But that’s the issue, how much will people take before it becomes a loss? There’s already been a complete first season release. Then digital game of the year. Now Definitive edition? And what’s the difference, well 3 outfits…
I get that some fans will want a physical release. But for other non fans, would they buy this? I doubt it. And that’s the ultimate purpose, IOI needs to make new fans to bring their profit up. Releasing a definitive edition for a 2 year old game doesn’t sound right for many reasons.

Instead, make digital outfit packs, fans will buy it, and there’s little loss. Just make some good outfits, such as the crow from blood money, the jungle outfit from Codename 47, the winter outfit from Hidden Valley or reuse it from the prologue! Seriously…so many better options.


I think everyone’s missing the point, the greatest reason behind this Definitive Edition is that it marks 20 years of IOI and what better way to commemorate it than releasing a special edition of their most successful franchise!


I like where your heads at


announcing Season 2?


How do I get to this level of salt?


Idk how they wanna celebrate, but pricing us for little to no content…yeah that sounds like I’m getting bare minimum while they’re getting extra bucks.


On the topic though,

According to Steam I last played HITMAN 2/25/2018, so I haven’t really much care for it at this point to discuss.
Real honesty hours: This is getting a bit ridiculous with the amount of releases this game has had.


keep in mind that not everything needs to be aimed towards us, this + spring pack seems like a way to get more players on board before a certain announcement :eyes:


as far as i’m aware the pricing for the pack hasn’t been announced.


They’ve obviously got other plans for announcing S2

No ones forcing you to buy it?


True, yet there’s been a complete first season physical release, game of the year digital release, and now definitive. Will there be any new fans at this point? Or is this beating a dead horse?


Well it better be 20 bucks, or else no one is buying this.


I feel like the requiem pack should have been included in the season pass considering, ya know, “complete” first season. I don’t mind though but I feel like this isn’t the best deal. I love this game and would happily pre order a second season as aposed to a re release with new outfits. However, happy birthday. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what you’ve been cooking up in your magical pot of death, the more the merrier.


Come on fam, think about it, if fans start complaining and don’t buy it, then theres no season 2. And I’m not coplaining about buying it, I’m complaining in the lack of content.


I understand what you’re saying, I just don’t necessarily agree with it, ill buy it because its the complete game as a physical version, look back at how many versions of the other games from the franchise have been released in ‘Triple packs’ or the complete collection, this isn’t necessarily something new, embrace it and get excited for what else is in store


They really need $$$ badly huh. What is this, the third edition?

We told you 2018 would be good



lear basic economics