HITMAN: Definitive Edition Annoucement


4th considering the original full experience


Paranoia and baseless leaps.


Gonna throw in my money for those okay-ish skins once S2 is announced. I like to support ya but not without some interesting news.


I thought You will tell it at E3.


I know man, and I really want to…but one can only go so long with barely any season 2 content. Like c’mon IOI, it’s hard to talk excitedly about your game to non fans when the difference between one release and another is 3 outfits that are quite frankly…mainly for the fans. A non IOI fan isn’t gonna get happy for these other game outfits.


My guess is, this has been a pretty low budget way of getting something out there to celebrate 20 years, in terms of fans with 12 million current players, I don’t think that’s too shabby


I hardly doubt those 12 mil are current players


so to be clear

you are hereby saying IOI went out of their way to lie on their legal financial reports, knowingly engaging in fraud?

quite the theory


Apologies my post meant to say 12 million players currently playing right now :wink::smirk:


@Travis_IOI is there any Chance we get a remaster or a port of Codename 47 for Consoles?


So the new thing the edition adds is only the three outfits? If there were 2 extra missions with their own unlockables, I would have buy it. Gonna skip it this time along with the purchaseable outfits.


suggesting something that doesn’t involve milking HITMAN



it wasn’t a stab at you. I’m just saying that 12 mil downloads doesn’t equal 12 mil players.


I know mate I was just having a giggle at what i’d wrote originally as it was pretty obvious that it was an overall figure and not just current


Happy Birthday IOI!!
20 Years already wow…the time flies so fast :open_mouth:
I still remember the first time i’ve played Hitman more than 10 years ago…

Good to see that HITMAN is still doing well after two years but guys…

-> The Complete First Season
–> The “Full Experience”
—> Game Of The Year Edition
and now “The Definitive Edition”

Don’t you think it is too much already? ^^’
At least now we have a physical version of the full game :smile:

Bought the full game already (and DLCs) and i’m good with my steelbook edition (which i thought was the final release but i was wrong :stuck_out_tongue: )

A good package still for the newcomers or the ones who don’t own the full game yet :+1:

Have fun!


i believe in you, Travis.


The outfits are symbolic but a bit cheesy too…
Anyway, they celebrate their birthday through Hitman. That’s cool.
I wonder what’s cooking. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:


i dont think remastering a 20 Year old game is “milking“ the Franchise. i would say it gives younger Fans of the Franchise the opportunity to play a Classic with updated graphics and not so clunky controls. iirc your age you werent even born when C47 came out, like many other Fans of the Series.

I know that many Remasters are just cash-ins, but after two Decades i wouldnt see it that way.


congrats on 20 years! :sunglasses:

but 3 new outfits and a “definitive” edition :neutral_face:… i would say at this point, they are definitely milking this game… i only turn it on for the re-released ETs, and even then i get bored of playing the same maps… i’m happy to see others still enjoying it, but i can’t find enjoyment in this game anymore, i can’t even muster up enough energy to play and/or create contracts anymore…

that ship has sailed off into the sapienza sunset…


Breaking News!! IO-I finds yet another, increasingly preposterous reason to re-release the same game yet again with negligible new content.

I am holding out for the Super Deluxe Mega Definitive version XL.