HITMAN: Definitive Edition Annoucement


Makes sense to me to have a final physical release considering the previous one didn’t (have Patient Zero).

Don’t know about this Outfit Bundle… I don’t think I’d normally pay for something like this, but assuming it’s not ridiculously priced I’ll get it to support IO. (plus I fucking loved Freedom Fighters back in the day).


*This is not an angry rant-just very wordy!

A much better move to celebrate would be releasing remastered versions of the other games. Last Hitman I played before this game was ps1.

I bought PZ because it had actual content, and it felt legit to support them with the split from SE. I haven’t played since though, and honestly feel that asking for any more money without starting into Season 2 or whatever comes next is just too far over the line.

Love this game. It’s definitely in my top ten for total time spent playing. It’s one of a handful I’ve played still after earning all trophies, as by then I’ve usually done most everything and am ready to move on.

I just can’t agree with this move though. I really can’t wrap my head around how we can’t drop the first level of Season 2 if we need “support”. Or why not release older games if you want to draw in new fans?

Surely they have some better options that would make more sense considering how far out from the initial release we are at this point.

Just my two cents, I certainly have no ill intent toward IO, but to me this feels like a birthday party that could have been way more epic.


Nothing of interest or excitement here. The outfits look terrible and should NOT cost money, they said they would NOT do this malarkey,but here we are, i certainly wont give them a penny for this micro-transaction level garbage.
More importantly will there be a new patch any time soon? A new mini-campaign like patient zero (i’d gladly spend money for that)? a Season 2 announcement?

Still i don’t want to sound disrespectful i’m just posting my thoughts on this.
Congrats on the anniversary IO, may you have many more.


Wait, what? Am I misunderstanding something? You couldn’t have played on Playstation 1.


This seems an excellent way to build revenue for IO.
Revenue that will likely be spent creating the next game, whatever they decide to call it.
IMO having Warner Bros as a distributor of this edition only is brilliant. WB sells in bookstore chains, airports, coffee shops, amusement parks, etc… A beautiful Definitive Edition hard copy sitting on shelves in WB distribution locations will be a great seller. Many people who have not been exposed to this game will see it and buy it and play the crap out of it. And in the end, that’s good for all Hitman fans.
Congratulations IO, this is good but please be careful getting into bed with WB. Please don’t ever let them get any creative control in possible future deals.


Tomorrow confirmed.



Yes I agree with Munga. Remember they are just cosmetics, which you can buy or not, depending on wether you want them or not.
I will most likely buy it beause I like the outfits, but also to support the developers of one of my favourite franchises which is (even with its faults) coming back to the game I loved growing up


Warner is terrible. I’m just glad they seem to be doing well, but let’s see how this unfolds.


Happy 20th anniversary IO! Totally understand that you guys need every penny atm for Season 2 (or whatever you’ll call the next content) but this Definitive Edition is more than “meh” and it seems like you finally ran out of ideas. Guess It’s a good package for people who still have not bought Hitman yet but I seriously don’t think that you guys expect many older players to spend money on this. I was more than happy to spend another 20$ for Patient Zero to support you guys but this!? Sorry… Anyway, all the best to you. I will patiently wait for Season 2.




Wait wait. What are those new clothes and where from?

Oh never mind. And how do I get them that I already got the game from day 1?


My bad, it was pc way back when, now I remember. I didn’t have either when I was young, it was at my pal’s house, who had both.

My main point being some remasters would be a way cooler celebration than another edition of such a recent game. I have a crappy computer so I’d love to experience the older games remastered a bit on the console I currently have.

Sure I could get a ps2/3 or a better computer, but I really prefer a remaster, as they actually deserve it.

Either way, like anyone else I look forward to what comes next, whenever that may be!


Wake me up, when Season 2 will be announced


I understand the outfits are callbacks to other IO games but damn… they really did 47 wrong here. he does not look good.



I seriously do not understand this new obsession over pointless suits. I don’t know how 47 became the new dress up Barbie, but it apparently happened. I understand IO wanted to reference their other games with these suits and I also know this is just my opinion but, I wish they would just stop with these suits.

What happened to the 47 that just wore his signature suit? Since when was he ALL about fashion? I get he wore different things sometimes in previous titles (when it made sense.) but come on now. The Signature, ABS, and BM / Requiem suit is all it should have been. IMO it should have ended there.

Rewards should have just been new unique weapons if you ask me. But I’m sorry for the rant lol didn’t mean to. I personally won’t be getting this since I already got everything (besides these 3 new suits but I don’t want them anyway.) but I do congratulate IO with all their success with this Hitman and can’t wait to hear about S2!


Since Helmut “So Sexy, So Wild” Krueger showed up in the bald and handsome video game characters scene.


Perhaps. But I don’t see how that has anything to do with Agent 47 lol


I love the series and love a 100% game, even for €5,- extra. This way IO cranks up extra budget to enhance/improve Season 2 (if it’s called like that)(what if it is an Absolution sequel? :thinking:)


then I won’t buy it lol


Haha, maybe but I might just because it’s Hitman…