HITMAN: Definitive Edition Annoucement


I love tbe ability to change suits, but seriously these new ones are…weird. just out of place. Either do outfits 47 has worn before, or suits from famous movies. An all black John Wick type of suit, Scarface suit, or similar stuff.


Scarface suit :joy::joy:

He’s as much a Kane and Lynch character as he is a drug baron!


If anything, I’d say that… but even that may be pushing it. I don’t think they should add outfits based on movies just because of their popularity. John Wick & Scarface (even though I like those movies) are irrelevant to Hitman.

I think they should have just stopped with suits all together after they released the ones I already mentioned above (IMO)


I agree, but compared to a tank top? I rather have something that looks classy than a homeless man. 🤷🤷


To me that’s better than these pretty trashy cosmetics. I rather see something that sticks with the classy elegance than a smudged tank top.
Yet again, the perfect idea would be to use previous outfits like the ones I mentioned before.


And the outfit bundle? It says “all digital platforms”… So Steam PC will have that?


IOI should have signed deals with Tom Ford, Rolex Watches, and Hugo Boss.
47’s good for that.

Actually I would have been pretty excited if the announcement was for an apparel deal. One particularly well funded online game is actually paid for by a Chinese Chicken Meat processor, so why not have fashion labels funding HITMAN while also gaining a naturally great spokes model?



Better? Yes.
Practical? No.


It seems that IO learned nothing from GOTY backlash. Their marketings/PR Department absolutely suck.


Honestly, none of it is. 47 has only ever had one outfit. But since IOI insists on outfits, I’m just giving ideas.


what was the backlash?


Practically the same - “why Full Experience was promoted as everything included but I still have to pay”. Fans managed to explain that GOTY is not a part of season one, IO needs finances, so people more or less calmed down.

And now this. I really can’t find proper apologies or excuses this time - they could have named it GOTY Physical edition at the very least to spare the confusion.


meh, I don’t think the average consumer is going to know the differences specifically about all the online Hitman editions.
I mean it does say “HITMAN Game of the Year Edition Content” in the blog post, one can assume it would say that on the box in the game store too. Also since there’s only the steelbook and now the Definitive edition in stores, it shouldn’t be that confusing to the average joe that the Definitive edition has more in it, or they can just look on the back of the box.
Also I hope it would stop these “cant access x part of the game” threads. It’s not the OPs fault that accessing parts of the game is confusing or frustrating. At least the disk will have all the content on the disk and not have to worry with those problems (hopefully)


Yes, they learned that making money is better than a small bunch of people complaining about it. The backlash dissipates while the income doesn’t. Seems like they know what they are doing.


that’s not quite how it works, actually. This physical version is being distributed/published by Warner Bros. I can guarantee you that part of the deal to get WB to do is that they get to have a shiny new edition named. Why? Because the original GOTY is several months old and already had old specific marketing related to it.
Giving it a new name means that WB will have a easier time marketing it.


You mean throwing fuel in the fire? :laughing: just kidding man! Lol

But yeah like you said, 47 was once known to have one type of suit; Black, white shirt and red tie. That’s how it was and that’s how it should have stayed. If IO put as much effort in new weapons as they do suits, we would be in tremendously great shape


Weapons are great as they are. I don’t see anything wrong with the weapons other than 2 or 3 reskins. Other than that, the gear was great for season 1 that you can get any target in multiple ways with the gear we got. People are just expecting too much when there’s still S2 and S3 to come. If we get all the “good” gear in S1, we’ll have nothing good for future seasons.


Plus Agent 17’s signature suit. They lost a good opportunity here.


This so many times, which is extensively why I think any type of sniper case will be the last unlock in the last mission of the last season.