HITMAN: Definitive Edition Annoucement


I didn’t say the weapons we have now aren’t good. I’m just saying as far as “rewards” go; they should be more focused on weapons rather than suits. I mean what is more important for a Hitman like Agent 47 to have? Tools of the trade… or looking… fashionable…


I’m not a fan of all these outfits either, but IO had to come up with some type of rewards and I guess outfits are easy ones to come up with. Basically reskins.


Sure, I understand that. But I think if anything (since IO wanted to reference their other games using suits from them games) maybe perhaps they should have used a popular weapon from each of those games instead. Would have been a lot better imo


Nice to see you came in open minded

Hitman 2016 is an Absolution sequel FYI


I have my own well-documented concerns/suggstions about roadmaps, marketing, release tranches… But at the end of the day, like I told @Travis_IOI , I just hope whatever it is they are doing is working.

For sure, if this was my product I would be doing things differently. It’s ironic because even in my job right now I’m fighting my boss over product and marketing. And then I come on here… and do the same damn thing.

I’m like a rebel without a cause (or maybe one with too many). hahaha.


They literally gave away Sapienza for free a week or so ago. They’re allowed to re-release a physical version of their game if they like. People complaining too much about this are being dramatic.


Yeah, this community is hard to please. Sometimes I feel bad for Travis because of all the shit he has to put up with.


Agreed… but it helps to be consistent when you’re selling something over time… You have to be clear which things are Free updates… and which things will be retail. If you’re offering Maps for free… then internally and externally… sometimes it is appreciated that it’s always thus. It does mean you monetize on something else (eg: skins, season pass).

But I do agree as the IP owner, content creator, and now its main distributor, IOI has every right to do what it pleases.

I’m also a known advocate of backroom monetizing. So I would have wanted 47 to chase the monetization scheme 007:

Only the best for the best.


Oh my bad. The 2 or 3 reskins did mean quantity, but I meant the weapons we have are great in “quantity”, not quality. Meaning we have more than enough.

This I disagree with. I just don’t think they should be releasing any more weapons of significance this late anymore so Outfits, even though I don’t care for them one way or the other, gives ppl something rather than nothing. The weapons they need to be focused on should come in future seasons.


47 wears The Lynch Suit really looks like Hsing who robbed Lynch’s sunglasses.:sunglasses:
I hope it wiil feature Lynch’s signature shotgun.


Well wait hold on, don’t know if that post was directed towards me or not lol but to be clear here, I’m not saying I’m against this new edition, I have no problem with it at all, nor do I have any problems with others liking or wanting to get it.

More content is always a good thing. Absolutely! I’m just voicing my own opinion on the suits is all. I personally won’t be getting it because frankly, it doesn’t interest me and (I myself) don’t have a need for it. But I certainly don’t have any problems with other people wanting it. By all means, go crazy :hugs:



But with all due respect we also have more than enough suits as well


We do, but it’s just a way to give ppl something, even though you have to pay for it. Lol.


Haha yeah I suppose. Whatever, I am a patient man so I can wait lol

Happy B-day btw :slightly_smiling_face:


It does make sense. Though the sheer amount of editions Hitman Season 1 had…


Which is a valid concern btw. But I’ll leave it at that.


What makes sense is that they are doing it specifically for consoles which usually get more sales through physical copies rather than digital.



This can only be a good thing.


While I’m in your boat, as I use the signature suit (with gloves) myself when I’m playing seriously, I don’t mind having the choice of different, weird suits when I’m playing as a mass murderer with a battleaxe, exactly what 47 wouldn’t do. I pretend that 47 isn’t actually 47 when I go berserk, because my concept of 47 is that he always strives for perfect stealth and the best rating possible, he is a silent assassin, so it fits to have a crazy, random starting disguise when you want to do something 47 would not do under the normal circumstances. In acting like he’s someone else, it makes it more enjoyable, at least for me anyway.

Instead of new suits though, I’d actually like to see unlocks of each of the classic 47 skins in the new game at some point down the road. I envision them working similarly to how you could play as PS1’s Solid Snake in MGSV, but better. It’d be kind of silly to play as the Codename 47’s version of the character, but it’s still good ol’ 47 with his suit so that might be better than an unfitting suit from a different game.

They could even add in some Easter eggs and funny suit-specific dialogue to make things interesting. For the Codename 47 skin, guards of restricted areas could say things like “no way buddy, that look went out of style in 2000. I can’t let you through here,” “yeah, yeah, yeah, we have a bathroom, sir, and, for the last time, we know you need to use it, but you’ll need to ‘go’ elsewhere,” or “sir, there are no corrupt butterflies in here and even if there are, I still can’t let you in, so…flutter away.” Maybe when you’re in gunfights with the guards they could shout things like, “c’mon, show me you got cohones,” “he’s packing,” or “you gonna lose, muchacho” as examples.

With the Contracts skin NPCs might comment on how dark and brooding 47 looks all the time. With the Hitman 2 skin you could have the opportunity to go to confession with Father Francesco. Blood Money 47 could say “I have a reservation. The name is Cropes.” at the Himmapan instead of his usual line. The list goes on and on as to the cool little things they could do with this…it’s just a shame they didn’t. For me, it’d make this definitive edition a more worthwhile investment.


It’s basically a physical release of the Game of the Year edition with some new skins.