HITMAN: Definitive Edition Annoucement


Exactly - and it just makes all the outrage regarding this even more bizarre. There are people complaining that this release somehow screws over people who have already purchased the game - but this makes no sense as it’s just the complete game as it currently exists with three extra (and imo pointless) suits. I assume the primary reason behind the release is to get the game back into physical retail stores. In NZ/AU the steelbox edition from Square Enix went “end of life” ages ago, and I assume this is the same in other larger markets as well.

The release is aimed at new players, not existing, so this outrage (which is running rampant on reddit) is just confusing af.



Can’t say these new outfits impress me very much. I understand they’re commemorating IOI’s 20th Anniversary by paying homage to their other franchises. But c’mon, we already have a ninja costume (although in Hokkaido only - it’s still much better than this one - could’ve made the original ninja outfit available in other levels), the mercenary style Freedom Fighters costume can basically be obtained from any guard in Colorado, and the third just makes 47 look like a mass murderer (doesn’t that contradict the encouragement for stealth gameplay?) Hardly an enticing additional feature that would make me want to buy the new edition. No additional weapons or gadgets to go with them either?

On a more positive note… Happy Birthday IOI! Fingers are crossed you release some information regarding Season 2 soon. At least a teaser of some kind… please! :pray:


I wish they went with kane’s suit from first game instead


More stylish

It could even come with push dagger he uses



When I saw the Freedom Fighters suit, I initially thought they were announcing a HITMAN tie-in with UNCHARTED… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:



:kissing_heart: Love you really, IOI!


This is a great tweet from David tbh, sort of giving us an insight that IOI have passed the majority of this edition over to WB, which is good news for the work on S2


I don’t mind the suits as long as they’re cheap, but I do wish we could set a specific suit as a requirement in contracts mode, so we could kind of role-play. I think that actually used to be thing back in 2016?

For example, I sometimes put on the Terminus suit and pretend 47 is a businessman cheated out of his fortune out to kill those who took it. It’s just a random thing, but adds some extra replay value.


im gonna be skeptical about this until there’s some sort of announcement about Season 2, too many editions without knowing anything about the future.


so, the ninja outfit is bad because it’s not the same as one we already have… and the freedom fighters one is bad because it’s too similar to one we have? :thinking:


That was my point. And yes I personally think the current ninja outfit looks better. But I never said it sucked solely because it looked different to the original. My point was that we essentially already have it. As with the mercenary outfits in Colorado.


if it’s like $5 for the suits, i’ll probably buy em just because i like to collect all the collectibles :joy:… and they’ll probably carry over to the next game… i do like the kane & lynch outfit, 47 plays contracts in a couple of hot locations, wearing a suit probably sucks lol…

again, happy to see IOI reach 20 years, but we need info on the next game! :sob: thankfully there’s a lot of other games out there to keep me busy, because this game (2016) this isn’t holding my interest like it did a year ago…





SOOOOOOO, the ninja suit, but with a black string, minus the face cowl, neck thingy, sleeves and gloves.

IO, i love you, but


"Working with a partner like WBIE means that the team at IOI can stay focused on what we’re good at, re-releasing the same content over and over again."



Imagine how badass the signature suit with the ninja hood would look like.


So, we’ve got GOTY edition, then Definitive Edition… next will be Overlord Edition or smth more Definitive? :smiley:
Really, guys. S2 please… give us something about that.


I’m waiting for Definitive Edition of Season 2 Announcement.


The dumbest thing is that it will be legal to walk around with the futo suit.


Im still hopeful for some news around the E3 dates


is it still too early to bust out the Rip Hitman memes?