HITMAN: Definitive Edition Annoucement


Yeah, since hitman isn’t dead?

Do you say Game of thrones is dead after every season?


if they released season 1 then season 1 directors cut, then season 1 ultimate cut. then yes


Coming next year: Hitman Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α Edition. This new Edition will give you all the stuff from the previous editions and THREE new cosplay outfits: The Gravealker Suit, the BATMAN suit and the Lego suit.

Ok let’s be serious for a moment: While I gladly supported IOI and pre-ordered their game and bought the Patient Zero DLC I’m not buying this one. Three new suits aren’t worth it. Still, I’m slightly optimistic about the fact that Warner Bros. is the publisher behind this. Maybe they’ve made a deal with IOI for Season 2/ a new game.




I think C47 needs more love and is a very underrated game. If they were to make the controls better, improve the graphics, and add a rating system it would become a lot more accessible, and be a great way to revisit an old game.


Yet I completed everything in Blood and Wine within a month, and over two years later I still play Hitman daily.


@Elusive_Poster Some items on that Witcher 3 list are a bit overreaching. There are three armor sets that each get one listing. A skin for Yennefer is another listing, and then a skin for Skellige is another listing. Each additional mission is another row of content.

I think if we play that game, you have to list 47’s suits as one row of content each at least and the Summer episodes become three rows at least.


Except that the different armour sets in the Witcher have an impact on gameplay, whereas 47’s new dresses are purely cosmetic. How long have we been asking for a suit of body armour that actually increases resilience (like the one you could buy in Blood Money a decade ago), yet here we are with three of the most uninspired outfits you can expect to find outside of a Matalan outlet.


On this we can agree. I have to say for the record I will also not be buying this outfit pack.

P.S.: We should all mark this in case it causes problems where Season 2 requires you bought this Anniversary Outfit Pack thing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Now, if they released a chicken suit… :hatched_chick::grinning:

I would probably buy that (when I reinstall the game).


Or a crow suit. Or the Mark Parchezzi III suit.
Or the ICA Training suit.

Even the Red Dragon robes would be nicer to me at this point.

… I do worry about WB’s reaction if the Definitive Edition doesn’t sell or the Anniversary Pack is disappointing. WB can show perseverance but usually for properties they have a strong belief in (eg: Batman and Superman… to the point they own DC comics and can soldier on past failures)…

But I cannot bring myself to buy these three “meh” outfits. Sorry, guys. :frowning:


Speaking of suits in HITMAN, it’d be good to have some that allow you to carry more items, aka 4 or 5 item slots. All we have now don’t seem to make any difference.


I see IO still has a boner for steelbooks - but it does look pretty awesome tbh.


It does look awesome! where did you get this picture from may I ask? @thrison


Inb4 IO will change color palette again, this time to gold and white.


NZ retailer’s website. https://www.mightyape.co.nz/product/hitman-definitive-steelbook-edition-ps4/27821509


Thanks man!

Just checked the price, looking like its gonna retail for around £50


Carrying New Bat is legal in Clown Suit. So there is that.


@Travis_IOI Does the PS4 Definitive edition still include The Sarajevo Six, or have they been removed? The ‘PS4 Exclusive Content’ badge that was on the original disc release package isn’t on the released images, nor is there any mention of it on the “What’s included” image.

Also curious why some countries are just listing a “regular edition” of the DE, and others are getting the steelbook edition… Edit: Might have answered this myself - game.co.uk have the steelbook listed as a Day One edition that will presumably disappear once stock depletes.


Content isn’t the exact same thing as dlc’s.
Hitman is the game with more content I ever played, if you’re only counting the main missions, it is short, but you have contracts, escalations, elusive targets etc.
And hitman did a good job as it only had 3 paid dlc’s (Requiem , GOTY upgrade, anniversary outfit pack)