HITMAN - Definitive Edition Release Notes


Did not notice, using a mod which skips the intro stuff. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m not against it; just caught my eye, and aesthetically I would prefer the intro as minimal as possible.

I don’t think we have that luxury! @Urben


Warner Bros are like that one guy in a group project who did fuck all to help, but still gets credited.


Fucking kill me now, mate!



Huh? I don’t get this on startup. And there isn’t another patch coming when definitive edition comes on the 15th. Or am I missing something here?


It’s not on the pc, what makes me worry if the partnership is only for the consoles. I really want those suits on pc too. Just imagine season two beeing console only…


the partnership is technically only for the physical version.
There’s not a definitive edition for PC.
The suits will be separately available for purchase.
Season 2 will still be on PC.


Yeah same, the more Hitman the better.


Video review of someone unboxing the Hitman: Definitive Edition for both PS4 and Xbox One


Oh look it is a disc in a plastic box! :joy:

I thought you get something fancier than that? The promotion pictures of IOI looked better.


Well there is the cool steelbook version.

What I’m a bit confused about, this is the full disc release coming out but you have to download the full experience?

I’m not fussed like, however, I guess it’s something to do with the size of the game?


The Square Enix release didn’t have the full game on the disc either. It had the first six episodes and came with a redemption code for the bonus episode.

Will be interesting to see what the code is actually for this time though, because the first retail release being partly digital made sense because it timed out to take place with the Landslide release. I assumed it was done that way to give them more time to tweak Landslide after the discs entered production.

The only reason I can think of for the Definitive Edition to be released in this way is for when people purchase second-hand copies - they will have to purchase the GOTY content to have the full game. Allowing IO to make money off of them.


Or the code in the box could be the suits. That, if you buy definitive edition second handed, you get less. So you have to decide if you want to get the suits too or not.



Could be. But then I can already hear the controversy from Full Experience owners - they’ve labeled the suits as part of the Full Experience. :joy::joy:


I guess we’re going to have to see what happens next week, looking forward to it regardless.


If only they called it “Full First Season” instead, noone would have been angry. Not about GOTY, not about Definitive or any other DLC they might come up with. But with “Full Experience” they really did a mistake.




Nah, the code looks to be for the GOTY upgrade as the back of the box states “Get Full Access to Bonus Missions and the Patient Zero Campaign”.