HITMAN - Definitive Edition Release Notes


Oh right cool, thanks for letting me know.


I will follow up.

Steelbook version is for Europe only, this video sounds like it’s from North America.

That’s the first time I’ve seen the wording for the redemption code. :weary:

The code isn’t for the ‘Full Experience’. What the code redeems is different for each platform. On PS4, you need to download Hokkaido, Bonus Episode and the new disguises. On Xbox One, it’s the same as above with the addition of Colorado.

We chose the later missions so they download while you play the start of the game. Another thing, as you see in the video, there’s one download code for all of the downloadable content.


Thanks for clearing this up @Travis_IOI :slight_smile:


Thank you! And nice to see the devs here too! I also have the “to next level” still shown in the menu. And good to know I’m halfway right with the thought the key might be the disguises. I can’t wait to get them on the PC too! Especially as a huge Kane and Lynch fan. (Even if I still think the suit with blood stains from the cover would be better, Im not sure if its allowed because they lost the rights to the franchise to SE.)


We’re also getting it down here in Australia/New Zealand.


It is released in the US today? I’m UK and it says 18th on my pre-order


Appears that the release date is somewhat scattered.

US: May 15th
AU/NZ: May 16th
EU: May 18th


Translating the name of three skins in several european languages takes time.


Just had a knock at the door and had a package delivered, which was bizarrely a copy of the Definitive Edition. Turns out my partner thought it was a new game and ordered it for me.

The steelbook is pretty nice. Have chucked the disc in the PS4 and it’s setting itself up so I can see what these new suits actually look like.

And now I own the game three times. Digital, SE retail (pre-ordered before the digital announcement and forgot about), and now WB retail.

Edit: It’s downloading a definitive edition 1.01 patch, which is 15GB. Hmmmm.
Edit 2: After the patch, the game is now 96.12GB. The digital version I had installed was only 70GB…


Must be the uniforms. They take up a lot of space. Lol


Give your partner a medal! haha what a keeper!

Don’t think ill receive mine until Friday, just in time for the weekend though! let us know what you think of the new disguises


Is it just me or the game stutters a lil bit on PC after last update?

Great trailer anyway :slight_smile:


Like after every update. It stops after a while.


I was worried about my GPU being damaged, thanks :slight_smile:


So, I installed the update last night, but the new outfits didn’t appear in my inventory. I live in the USA, and I have every update and extra I could, so why can’t I see them. Am I missing a special contract or escalation?


Does anyone know if the new suits are available for sale on their own, or are they only for those who buy the Definition Edition?


No because people will mark Jeff and the game will crash Kappa


They will be available on their own, IOI said that back when the Definitive Edition was announced. I’m not sure when the suits will be available though.


Thanks @Fries00 , I see it on the IOInteractive blog now.
The suits will be available for purchase later in the year. For now, they are only available with the Definitive Edition.


Which is kinda stupid because they are withholding content from long time players. How about the players that were with you from day 1, @Travis_IOI? Why are we being punished to wait? :cry::sob: