HItman drinking game my wife and I came up with


The name of the game is “Agent & Handler”.

Agent will be whoever has the controller, the handler will be whoever is watching.

The handler will pick your destination and difficulty (Better hope you didn’t piss them off), and set the parameters for your assignment including weapons, how they want you to kill the target etc…

We usually have it set to master, and whatever outfit your handler chooses.

Basically, you are trying to get SASO while using whatever method your handler chose to eliminate the target. If you break any of those rules…well

If you have to use a disguise, drink.
If you get spotted by a camera, drink.
If you get compromised, drink.
if you leave evidence behind, drink.
If you kill someone other than the target, drink.

So on and so forth.

It’s just a way to put a fun alcoholic twist on your favorite assassin game.
We had a blast, and got blasted at the same time so I figured I’d throw it out here and see if anyone wants to give it a go.

If you do, let me know how it turns out!


I think we can call this relationship goals


…I second that…


But what if you destroy the evidence later on?

Cool game though


Double or nothing, of course!


Does your girl play?

If so, who’s better at ghost mode? :joy:


She plays more mobile and nintendo games, but she likes watching me play mine because of the stories and stuff. Stealth especially is not really her forte lol

She’s more of the “Welp, he saw me…guess everyone has to die now” type of gal. It’s part of why I married her.


Sounds fun, but sadly I don’t have a wife or a girlfriend


You’ll get there man. Unless you like dudes, in which case you’ll get there as well


Hey man, don’t sweat it. It’s not exclusively for couples. You can do it with your friends too! That way if he was a dick and made your life hell, you can return the favor once YOU are the handler!


So wait, you are always the ageny? That sounds like somebody in your mariage gets to drink a bit more than the other :wink:


I get to play games AND get drunk. That’s the definition of a win-win haha Usually since she is such a shit talker, if she says stuff like “You’re gonna get caught” or “You’re about to get murdered” and I make it out of that situation she will usually take a drink. If I pull off the whole mission has to finish her drink as fast as possible. She catches up pretty quick lol


Plus her reply is usually “I don’t need a reason to drink.” lol


Now, see that is my favorite answer to this entire thread :wink:

jk, it’s a fun idea


You :face_vomiting: these drinks. Ezpz


Mass murderers are keepers.


You have got to get the Devs to do a live play where they try your game out.


@BlueLineLeo93, you guys are awesome for this. Please pass thanks & love on to your wife!


Bigmooney in his Kill Everyone Challenges. He would be braindead, and his liver being removed might even prove more healthy then XD


If you have to use a disguise, drink.

God damn.