Hitman E3 Video database


This thread will serve as a video database, when you find a new video regarding the new Hitman game, post it here. This way we can create a easy overview of released content.

Hitman CG trailer released during the Sony E3 Conference (2015)

Gameplay Trailer released during the Square-Enix Conference (2015)

IGN Gameplay and Interview with Hakan (2015)

Hitman Sony Conference Reactions - IGN Live with Christian Elverdam (2015)

Gamespot Stage Demo: Hitman with Hakan (2015)

Playstation E3 Interview with Hannes Seifert (2015)

Polygon Hitman E3 Interview with Hakan (2015)

PC Game Show Interview with Hakan (2015)

Square-Enix Presents skip to 3:40 (2015)

Hitman: Why we Want to Play on Day One IGN (2015)

Videogamer HITMAN Gameplay trailer reactions (2015)

Ginx Hitman - Interview with Hannes Seifert (2015)

Playstation Access Interview with Hannes Seifert (2015)

Interview with Hannes Seiftert in German (2015)

Here is a translated summary of the german interview. There are some sound issues in the video, so I picked the important parts out of the interview:

“The fascination of the Hitman franchise is, that it’s the only game where you can live the fantasy to be a professional hitman and where you have the free possibilities to play how you want. Nowadays there are not many games that offer these possibilities, but we do and we try to bring it back better than ever.”

“We are fascinated when we look how players play our game on YouTube, Twitch or even on shared videos in the Hitmanforum. It is very inspiring because it is a game which boosts your creativity and that’s why we call it a ‘creative-stealth-action-game’.”

“At every location you can choose your playstyle without any pressure. You can walk around, observe, listen and learn. It isn’t a game which pushes you from trigger to trigger.”

“The Story of the new game is independent from Absolutions story.”

“Diana is back. You get specific informations from her. The informations that you get from her are written down in a log where you can read them again. There is an ‘opportunity system’ which shows you possibilities. It doesn’t say what you have to do but it shows ‘Look there is a reporter with her cameraman and they are talking about an interview with the target’.”

“We have a savegame again so you are able to experiment free again.”

“We don’t have a multiplayer where you fight against each other. We don’t have the right idea for it.”

“We tried something new 2 weeks ago. We had a fan-event with our best and biggest fans which are at once our biggest critics. They saw the Paris level, they played it for hours and we were positively surprised. As a developer you just see the problems and challenges. And than there are people telling you that you kept the promises you made back in 2014, that’s something what feels really good.”

Translation is done by @iSsueS

Hitman - Director Interview with Hakan (2015)

Quick Breakdown of how disguises work
The Look of Agent 47
The Sales Model
HITMAN - New game announced!
Will a hard copy eventually be available?
HITMAN Trailer Vault
HITMAN - Debut gameplay trailer
HITMAN - New game announced!
HITMAN - New game announced!

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Damnit! So many videos and none of them are people just playing the game :cry: Is it even playable at the booth?


Thank you @Morten_IOI i’m going to add it to the main post as well :slight_smile:


I expected actual gameplay in that video.


The press is getting way too loose with the term “demo” -_-


New interview,and some new cutscenes


Thank you, it have been added.

Cool Hannes Seifert mentions our little fan event in this video
@JohnnyDrama @Silenter @mackdadi @Aubron @ampburner @PaperDuck


Which one of you guys is he quoting? :wink:


Well, I praised the saving system to him while eating just next to him. But I don’t remember the exact words. The saving system is really great, so it might have been everyone :smiley:


Awesome! I’m jealous of you guys but happy at the same time. I already had a chance to visit so I can’t complain :smiley:


So…because you said saving system is really great can you say if there is anything new about it,or does it work like it did in Hitman 2,Contracts?


I imagine how you must feel! It was really great. I hope we get the chance to see each other over there again in some occasion. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to have a few bears like in 2012, but let’s hope the opportunity comes again for us. It’s really cool to hang out with forum members, it’s kind of surrealistic meeting the people behind the familiar avatars you see almost every day. I don’t think I will ever get tired of that, IO is a fantastic company!

@AGENT_58 It’s now really quick to save and load the game, and you have the possibility to save before you take a certain chances in the game (like in the previous games where you could save at any time just before doing your move). I can’t highlight enough how important manual saves really was for my experience. It just fits so well for the sandbox type of game Hitman is. When you fuck up you just reload and start again. As I remember there was only 1 save opportunity which you could overwrite all the time. Maybe @Mads47 can confirm this too?


Anyone know what mission/video Hannes is talking about at 7:55min in the last video?


New interview with Hakan


That’s a darn shame, you should never be in such a hurry that you don’t have the time for a few bears!


Brilliant thread guys! Been crazily busy at work last couple of days and missed nearly all these!


http://www.twitch.tv/twitch E3 steam, Hitman to come up soon.
Never mind, i’m getting confermation that it was 3 hours ago.


Fantastic to have all the video’s in one place. Makes it so much easier. Thank you for this, Mads47 :thumbsup:


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