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Skip to 2.14 for gameplay snippets 4.16 shows an outdoor party at night, looks a pretty large area, and some more bits I personally had not seen.

Edit: the video is In German so uploaded this more for the visuals if you dont understand the discussion, just mute the audio.


Thank you for the video.
Any idea of what they were saying?


Absolutely no idea, maybe someone here can give us an overview of what they are both saying? as the language is not my native tongue.


I don’t think i’m going to put this video in the original post, since it is in German.

Edit: You know what? fuck it, i’m gonna do anyway!


Three years of German in school and I don’t understand shit


Don’t worry guys you’ve got some germans here. I will translate the video when I find some time today.


Excellent. Thank you.


“Let’s be honest - no one cares about the story”

I hate this statement for Hitman games. There needs to be a decent story to make the perfect Hitman game, but the story should not dictate the gameplay as it did in Absolution. I don’t want to get randoms levels frown at me with a short brief from Diana… I want a story arc which connects all the levels etc.


Yeah i found that to be BS statement aswell.


This. I’m a little concerned that IO might have listened too much to the Absolution-hating cry babies saying: “I don’t care if there’s no story at all, Hitman needs to be simulation”.

Fuck that. One of the things that drew me into the universe initially was the creepy sci-fi story of Codename 47. When they promoted Silent Assassin, most of the focus was on the story. It was and is important. In Blood Money, the levels might feel disjointed story wise, but there was enough interesting cutscenes in between to keep the tension and interest during your first play through. And it very much had a story-focused ending, one of the best in video game history if you ask me. Story means a lot in Hitman.

The story sucked in Absolution, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be one at all in HITMAN.


As one of those cry babies, I still stand by this. The less story there is in Hitman the better. If anything Hitman would greatly benefit from being like Dark Souls or Destiny where the story is told contextually through conversations and briefings.

Get that action cutscene bullshit outta Hitman. Bigups for IO


Exactly. You don’t care about the story? OK then! 47 meets a mad professor with a time machine who offers to pay him in dog biscuits if he goes back in time to assassinate Hitler - But unfortunately he’s sent to a parallel universe instead in which humans are enslaved by a reptilian race from the planet Fulcrum. However, who cares if the story sucks? It plays EXACTLY like Blood Money 2!


Well 47 be riding a t-rex?, and while he be able to feed it with the dog biscuits he gets a payment from mad professor? and does the professor have a german acent? if not i’m not buying, then the story is to out there.


Agree on this, and I really hope IO understand the difference. It’s not that the majority of fans don’t want a story (most people love the story from SA). Globetrotting is not just about shifting from country to country, it’s also about all the things in between. Why does 47 needs to travel to Japan? And how is he supposed to handle the tight security of a speciel high profile target which has been hinted throughout the game? etc. etc.


Keep in mind there’s also a difference between Setting and Plot. What you are describing is a bizarre Setting.

If you take out the parallel universe and reptilian and ww2 setting. You can easily change that to Hitman in a fancy party assassinationg the German president.

Plot and Setting together make up the story.

I would not mind a non-existent plot, as in “47 Someone’s paying you to kill these targets. Do your job” And then let the setting do the rest of the story telling.


The environmental storytelling of Blood Money was perfect. A strong story that unfolded in mid-mission cut-scenes, newspaper stories and subtle within-level details but that didn’t interfere with the actual game in any way. That’s the way to do it.

Once the locations, mission set-ups and level design has to bend to the will of the plot, you’re sunk. Works fine for stuff like Uncharted, but not something sandbox like Hitman where you just want to be left alone to figure out the perfect assassination.


I agree with you Fleur.

The story in Absolution was horrible and the characters were retarded… It was actually what I hated most about Absolution, even more than the linear levels!

But that does not mean, that Hitman should not have a story. I like that the game is more hit driven this time around, and not so much controlled by the story, but there should be a good story that draws all the hits together.

The Hitman story-line was actually very very good until Absolution. As I see it, there is really no way of getting back on track with the previous story line, when the game takes place after Absolution. That is a bit of a shame really.


Hopefully we don’t have to endure any of the characters from Absolution in this installment.

I feel that Absolution’s storyline did not leave the developers with much to build upon. So in a way I’m glad that they are shifting towards a clean slate, not having to try and do cleanup of the chaos of Absolution’s plot.


Here is a translated summary of the german interview. There are some sound issues in the video, so I picked the important parts out of the interview:

  • “The fascination of the Hitman franchise is, that it’s the only game where you can live the fantasy to be a professional hitman and where you have the free possibilities to play how you want. Nowadays there are not many games that offer these possibilities, but we do and we try to bring it back better than ever.”

  • “We are fascinated when we look how players play our game on YouTube, Twitch or even on shared videos in the Hitmanforum. It is very inspiring because it is a game which boosts your creativity and that’s why we call it a ‘creative-stealth-action-game’.”

  • “At every location you can choose your playstyle without any pressure. You can walk around, observe, listen and learn. It isn’t a game which pushes you from trigger to trigger.”

  • “The Story of the new game is independent from Absolutions story.”

  • “Diana is back. You get specific informations from her. The informations that you get from her are written down in a log where you can read them again. There is an ‘opportunity system’ which shows you possibilities. It doesn’t say what you have to do but it shows ‘Look there is a reporter with her cameraman and they are talking about an interview with the target’.”

  • “We have a savegame again so you are able to experiment free again.”

  • “We don’t have a multiplayer where you fight against each other. We don’t have the right idea for it.”

  • “We tried something new 2 weeks ago. We had a fan-event with our best and biggest fans which are at once our biggest critics. They saw the Paris level, they played it for hours and we were positively surprised. As a developer you just see the problems and challenges. And than there are people telling you that you kept the promises you made back in 2014, that’s something what feels really good.”

New Interview: