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Seems we are getting a full game at December 8th after all?


If nobody’s gonna use this I’m gonna use it


LOLLL that was amazing.


Thank you so much for translating.


Thank you very much, i will add the translated interview to the original post. This way it won’t drown in the chat. Once again thank you!


Thank you, and welcome to HMF!


I don’t know about that. It might depend on what you consider a full game. For instance, Hakan said in one of the interviews that it will be a polished game on release. I think they want to emphasise that the levels that are delivered will be complete, not some sort of half finished stuff that’ll be finished later. I’ve also seen them be very clear with the fact that it’s not early access.

Until they reveal the number of missions I think we simply won’t know.


New interview tweeted


As long as the contracts stay grounded in reality, the plot could be about all of that for all I care.

I really don’t give a shit about story in a Hitman game. It’s a nice little bonus to have, but if Hitman 6 had absolutely no story whatsoever, completely 0 plot talk of any kind, with just random good contracts on a drop down list, I wouldn’t care.


Thank you for the video.


Did he say “Pencil” when talking about what kind of weapons/tools we can use from the environment? I can’t tell if he was just saying things or not, but he seemed very honest about it. A PENCIL? High detail for sure, I would love to “Art Attack” someone in a Hitman game.


I was also impressed when he said that.

It actually reminded me of this scene.


Also, part of the CGI trailer shows a couple bills of money in the scene where the cellphone c4 blows up in the briefcase, and they have a number on them (looks like an I.P. but assuming it’s just a printing number) and if you type that number into google ( it brings you to a listing of sites, the top one being Xerox who I believe print money? Pretty cool attention to detail there too! Or maybe this is really a hidden thing meaning that Alpha Zerox is back :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, seems this is already mentioned in a Reddit.


They’re really pushing this “genuine masterpiece of assassination” line. I find it kind of unfortunate, because them using the same agreed upon phrase makes it seem rehearsed and less genuine. Just a thing I noticed in all of the interviews.


Haha yeah that, and Hakan loves saying “a complete experience”. :smile:


I also find it interesting that a lot of the interviews mention the “growing world of assassination” but don’t mention adding new missions (just adding new things, for example the time limited targets).
Maybe there’s been some miscommunication? I need to go back to the earlier material to check out if anyone ever literally says that there will be new missions.


They definitely say they will be adding new missions.


Do you remember where? I wanna check out how it’s worded.


I know for sure they specifically mentioned new locations.