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Yeah I am not saying I don’t believe you guys. I remember it as well, it’s just been said so rarely I’d like to check it out again.


“New locations” is stated in the gameplay trailer, during the part where 47’s bad-ass walking with silenced pistol behind his back while the background around him changes. I’m certain they say it in at least some of the interviews too.


It’s sad that you don’t understand the german interview. He seems to be very passionate and speaks free with no sign of rehearse. Very likeable. :slight_smile:


Yeah I have no idea in which interview I heard it. I think I’ve watched all of them.


Good. I just found it odd that in the latest few interviews I’ve seen they haven’t mentioned new missions/locations.


Well done, didn’t noticed that :thumbsup:


Definitely. I most enjoyed the narrative structures of Contracts & Blood Money - with a series of flashbacks or past events ties in to a present-day ultimatum. I think the storyline this time round will probably be more linear chronologically, most likely focusing on this IAGO group that target Viktor Novikov is a member of…


Every product out there (not just video games) has a sales pitch. This is no different.

IOI really does need to stress the fact that this is a game about assassination. Otherwise people (hell even myself included) would just assume that it’s more of the same, running away from the police, running away from the ICA, running away from whoever else, like the previous installment.

Disclaimer --(No, I’m not saying that is all there was. But it did have quite a bit of it).


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Playstation Access Interview: Hitman

Interview: "How many missions roughly, can you say?"
Me: :scream: :scream: :scream:
Hannes: "…we can’t really…"
Me: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed:


Preview by Inside Gamer (this seems to be in dutch though, too bad Amp is on vacation or he could translate ;)). No apparent new footage.


I’m Dutch aswell and I can tell you there is 0 new info here. They mostly talk about how massive the Paris level is and how many possibilities there are. Nothing we haven’t heard before.


Thanks man, appreciate it. (20 chars).


anyone know the song in the CG trailer.


Darude - Sandstorm. xxxxxxxxxx


Some one used the same song, when i asked for the name of this song on IGN messenger board.


Some people are always helpful…


IO made it specifically for the trailer with a local DJ, not sure it has a name.


I know they’re just trying to stay on-brand, but I now laugh every time I hear an IO person say “a genuine masterpiece of assassination” in multiple interviews


I for one would rather have them say that than,“a genuine masterpiece of evading

But as I mentioned in another post, every product out there has it’s sales pitch, And Hitman has one too.

What would you prefer the sales pitch to be then? Since you don’t like IOI’s one.


I don’t think it’s a bad line, it’s just funny when ANY marketing line gets repeated word for word in a bunch of interviews. I know that it’s their job to stick to these lines, I don’t blame them!