Hitman E3 Video database


Christian really looks like he loves Hitman series-you can see that he cares about Hitman games…


I love all these interviews, but i’m more excited awaiting a gameplay video ><


He really really does, great guy!. It was a pleasure to talk with him at IO, he is very passionate :slight_smile:


I know that it’s off topic,but do you guys have any pics from that trip?


I only got two pictures from my hotel room, was to amazed to take pictures. Not sure about the others, or if Nick or Travis took some.


re Angry Joe: there’s nothing really confusing about what they’re doing. It’s basically early access except the only thing actually unfinished is the content. The only thing we need to know to actually have an informed opinion on that is how much will be finished for launch, and they aren’t saying anything about that. The basic idea of “early content access” is not necessarily a bad one, it’s all in the execution. And the amount of starting content is part of said execution.

Not much point in making a fuss unless we know SOMETHING about the thing we’re making a fuss about.

I will say: it’s unfortunate that they weren’t able to talk about this stuff in more detail right at the reveal, because the longer it’s unclear, the more folks might potentially miss the clarification and be confused around launch.


I feel like Hakan might have had a long day before that interview. It kind of sounded like a bad exam, resorting to these buzzwords instead of actually answering the questions. No offense, he seems like a cool guy otherwise. It was clear that Joe had no idea what World Of Assassination meant (like most viewers probably), confusing it with some open world multiplayer thing. Instead of resorting to “the experience will deepen and evolve…”, maybe he should try to answer the question from the interviewers current headspace so to speak. That interview is just gonna confuse a lot of people and make them think that the game will be some sort of a ripoff. Not answering questions straight makes people think you have something to hide. And I know IO does not, and I believe they have pure intentions. So it’s a shame.

Christian Elverdam seemed a lot more in touch with where the interviewers headspace was at. Good informative interview that should put some minds at ease.


It’s more like “travelling around the world” while in Absolution it was focused to the USA only (or mostly)


I understand it myself. It’s just that newcomers who watch this video won’t.


Yeah i had the same idea people didn’t really know what the concept of the game was and the interview was really vague.
The could have better said how many missions approximately their going to be at the start.


Christian Elverdam is a great guy, he seems very enthusiastic about Hitman and the way he talks about it… it was a pleasure to meet him in person! I always think he looks like a young Mark Wahlberg :smile:


No offense, but some of these websites haven’t maybe heard about the current news climate. You need to be quick when you put out content, the time frame isn’t days, but hours and minutes. Sure they aren’t delivering breaking news, but pretty much all this stuff is days and weeks old. They are getting views because we are fans of HItman, and the sites may have fans of their own that just watch everything. but really, I see little value in watching these interviews so late, and probably won’t do that anymore. This is like watching last weeks weather forecast.


They maybe thought they had no chance releasing their footage while all of the big names did the same. Basically they would get swallowed up in the soup. They release footage when things calm down a bit and attract at least some audience maybe? I have no idea, but I asked the same questions you did and that’s my only logic.


Christian Elverdam for Hitman President 2015!


Thank you for posting those videos, guy’s.


Hadn’t thought about that, that would make some sense. And of course, some are small enterprises, I’m sure Angry Joe for instance had a lot of material to put out, and the system you proposed would definitely make sense for his format.


That Angry Joe interview was sure a letdown. Seemed like Joe didn’t get the model and was thinking the game would be all DLC and season pass so he kept trying to trick Hakan into confirming it, while Hakan was trying to not fall for it and just used the marketing buzzwords.

Reading the comment section seemed that most people got the wrong impression too.

Christian always looks and sounds so happy about what he’s talking about that you can’t help but feel enthusiastic too. :smile:


I’m actually quite suprised by comments on Angry Joe’s HITMAN interview.
I expected people to do some research at least before commenting stuff like “this game will be full of DLCs” which is basically how every third comment looks like.

The interview itself barely gives any information so why are people in comment section trusting it,imagining things and shitting on new HITMAN instead of looking for one out of 20 better made interviews out there that have some actual “real” information.


Angry joe voices my skepticism in the interview, especially about the amount of content that will be available on ‘release’


Yes. To me it sounds like there’s no mystery, IO Interactive wants full price on December release with no extra charge after release, but yet you can’t finish the story, so isn’t it quite obvious that all the DLC money you would have payed for you have already payed for in the 60 bucks release. To me it’s just fancy words, to not scare away their buyers, “full hitman experience through out the whole 2016”, “with no extra charge”. Probably just another marketing strategy, you think you pay less but you don’t.

But this doesn’t make me mad, it’s just a little bit disrespectful of not saying how it really is. I just hope the December release has enough content for 60 bucks, Kojima took full price for Ground Zeroes, and that’s one level! Is this something new people will try out now or something. But IO interactive can take my money any day, as long as they stay truthful.