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You and I have different definitions of unfinished, Mads47.

We can put it nicely and say that Hitman 6 will come out with all missions and then we’ll get MORE for FREE, which is what IO is saying :stuck_out_tongue:
But from the way the developers have been talking about, I think it’s pretty safe to guess we’ll get a third to half the game this December (again, my guess is 4 missions at launch) and then more missions coming out to make it worth the 60 bucks, with the Contracts distracting us in the mean time.

Mind you, I am more than alright with this. But it’s still a form of Early Access and Episodic Gaming, even if the actual levels that come out are more polished than the majority of Early Access titles.


Game Reactor TV [HITMAN] Interview:

Nothing new as usual. You’ll probably be able to say exactly what Hakan is saying as he’s talking, that’s how predictable it is. LOL

Hip Hop Gamer [HITMAN] Interview:

Worst questions I’ve heard so far. Borderline irrelevant. And gives the impression that ‘Hip Hop Gamer’ has not played or embraced the majority of the game franchise.

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It really doesn’t make sense for Christian Elverdam to say that we can “kill whoever we want”. Unless of course he was referring to Contracts mode in the game.


Elverdam thinking “why do I have to talk to this annoying a-hole”.
“my next question,… uh, awight, my next question is this, uh, my next question, my next question…”


Incorporate parts of the Hitman movies into the games? I hope not.

Though, crashing a helicopter into a building to take out your target (along with an entire floor of innocents), while killing yourself in the process should come with a special in-game achievement.


Ultimate stealth achievement unlocked



Hahaha – hats off to you, yours was better


Pretty cool look at IOI developers and their take on modern gaming.


Great video. Thank you for posting it.


Thank you for posting this video, great little look into IO :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for this :smiley:

Anyone else pause at 1:12 to check out that map? Haha

What was said towards the end was really interesting, about continuously interacting with the fans instead of making one game every three years. It’s a very exciting approach.


That was a really good watch. Thanks for posting man!


They have been saying this since E3 regarding the new Hitman game. They have been saying this since E3 regarding the digital approach to the new Hitman game.

But yet some people are confused and have been confused about this and don’t understand it.


Yeah, I know they’ve been saying that from the very start, and I never had a problem understanding what they meant.

What I meant was that I particularly liked how it was said in this video, how the devs see future games as being a constant interactive process, something that is added to every month or so. I agree that it’s a more exciting future for games rather than releasing one game every three years.


That’s good then.

Just would be nice if other people would be able to grasp the whole thing also. It’s very easy to understand really.


Yep, there was a painful conversation about that already here: Hitman beta already available on PSN


Yeah, I made a few posts in that thread myself.


I hope that we will find out more about the other agents on the map. Possibly through collectibles hidden in the levels?


Thats why you don’t make the games. IO understands, as do most fans, why story is important. Its just how you present that story thats key. As fantastic as Absolution was, its presentation was lacking. There will never be a game in this franchise the likes which you described, as the developers understand thats not what would lead to a well crafted game.