Hitman episode 5 help

I purchased Hitman complete season 1 steelbook edition from gamestop. and i wasn’t able to download episode 5 for some reason. it just prompts me to buy the game of the year edition for $60. any help would be great

Platform? aaaaaaaaaa

got it on xbox one aaa

Restarted your console? Also try this

I answered you on Reddit so here we go agsin.

Since you have a used copy.
The code to Episode 5 is in the box. But since you couldn’t find the code in the box, Gamestop sold a used copy and the one who owned the game before you must have already used the code.

uninstalling everything and re installing the disc worked. it all started downloading automatically. even episode 5 and the bonus episode. so i don’t know. i’m good now.

Interesting… IO must’ve made some backend changes to get the content that isn’t present on the disc to people that buy used copies.

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I stand corrected then. Good to know.

Note that you can now redeem Legacy Pack for free for Hitman 2. https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-legacy-faq/