Hitman episode 6

hey guys. :smiley:
so i played today and noticed the surgeon chief went missing. he doesnt come talk to the pilot, and i just didnt find him at all. do you think its a bug? if not, where the hell is he?

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There is atleast one opportunity including him. Activate it and look where the game wants you to go to. If you messed with KAI he can be found in the highest level where you can mess with the voltage.


I always turn the opportunities off. and i dont really understood, where exactly the higest level he supposed to be found after i destroyed KAI?

If you are at Soders, there are two rooms in the upper level next to the big window to the winter garden.
The left one is the director’s room where yout get the master card, the other one a technical room which looks like a tiny server room. The chief surgeon is there when KAI is broken.

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ok, thank you man :slight_smile:

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