Hitman Expansion Pass

Hey Guys, I have problem and I need your help. I bought the Goty Pack with the Expansion pass, and today when the update came out, they say you need to “unlock” Sibiria. But if I got to the store in the game, there’s a Tick at Goty Pack and Expansion pass, so they say I bought it. If I go to steam store they say I didn’t bought the pass. Please help me :slight_smile:
Thanks and sorry for my bad English :grimacing:

Same as this issue, please be patient and wait just one more day. :wink:

Sure :slight_smile: thank you so much for that quick answer :heart:

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Anybody got news about it ?

The prison should be available to every pass owner now. Check the store page and search ‘hitman’ to see if it is there for you.

Not for me. I’m on PC and it’s not working :man_shrugging:t2:

You guys have tips ?

This seems odd, you can probably post this issue again in this thread instead. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to solve this. I hope your issue gets fixed soon.

Bought the expansion pass at the PS Store
I go to download ( in game ) and it won’t download.

Try this page, it should redirect to the PSN of your region. Purchase it for free, then download it:

The siberia map is still not available for me :confused: Steam user, Asia (India) region. @Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI any suggestions?

And if I buy the Expansion pass now “again”, will I get the stuff in the future too right ?

You guys shoud go to PS Store, use search, type “HITMAN” and find HITMAN™ 2 - Siberia. The link in the game leads to the wrong page in the store. You have to find “HITMAN™ 2 - Siberia” yourself and download it.

Hold on, don’t spend extra money just yet. I would wait for an official answer if I was you.

As an aside the expansion pass is currently on sale in the UK for £20(usually 32) for those that don’t have it already. Sale ends the 7th of August :slight_smile:

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Honestly that seems sketchy to me why can I not simply download per normal, also I want to download the expansion pass not just Siberia

Unfortunately, there isn’t such a way to download the whole pass with just one click. You have to manually type-in ‘hitman’ and search to download every content (sniper maps, the Bank, Winter Sports Pack) separately.

Oh! Seriously?? So I can download New York, Siberia, and everything else separately without incurring any additional charges?? That is weird…

As long as you are an expansion pass owner, yes.

Cool thanks :+1:
That’s weird though why would it suggest that I could download the entirety of the content included with the pass in one click if I cannot?
It’s whatever I suppose…