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Makes me happy to see someone recognize the references! It was satisfying to finally put them all together into one animation. Especially the slap…lol.

Thanks a lot @LandirtHome :blush: :blue_heart:


W video I fucking loved it btw


Gosh, this one was EXCELLENT!
I just love the audio mixing you do in this series. Pulling dialogue from the game, adding in level music in the background, even innocuous NPC lines like from guards. Planning what to use, and making it line up must be a lot of work!

Just a little play-by-play of my favourite moments hehe:

  • The Six Folds image… perfect.
    (Also who’s behind Diana, and is that you/your avatar in the trenchcoat in front of her?)
  • Sexual Harrassment Diana??! (47 do got that booty tho im sure :peach::eyes:)
  • That shot of 47 standing there like a lost puppy and Diana trying to shoo him away had me CACKLING. Oh my gosh I love this silly serious franchise. (Both your anims. and the games)
  • That DAMN angle of 47 holding the bottle from below WOOOO that’s art.
  • 47 intensely looking/reacting to the meeting from the shadows was great. As was the smash-cut KO’d guard.
  • Those smear frames when Diana got hit… OUCH. Poor girl.
  • Split screen effect was an awesome touch!
  • I freaking NEED that shot of 47 pointing his gun as a poster. Specifically your version. I know it’s just based on the cutscene but it’s so damn cool.

Also I just realised it’s probably a Matrix reference.


It seriously warms my heart when I see you all share moments that stuck out to you like this. Thank you Chicken, you’re too kind!!

Niels Bye Nielsen once again proved that he was the best choice for composer for H3. His music always fits in like puzzle pieces and there’s a piece for every mood and thought. He’s awesome. The NPC lines in question actually came from two talented VAs, Tweed and Jake - both of whom also contributed to the Dubai video.

…time to find a new disguise :grey_exclamation::no_mouth:

Interesting. You never know with IOI, it certainly could be.


So turns out it didn’t feel right for me to do Michaelwithout any votes, so I choose to do Albert through random selection and couldn’t get him done. I ended with a decent result which I used as a new Head on it’s own, but nothing looking like Albert.

So instead I decided to do something completly else, Diego, who turned out surprisingly well. I also made two versions from which I’m going to use Version B.


Weekly Sheet of Week 9 is finished and this one is pretty much just Syndicate, not more, not less. Might not be the most intresting thing to look at, so I still tried to keep the models intresting despite the limited wardrobe.

John ‘Jacky’ Jackson - head_caucasian_40s_20 (Alberto) - New
Eckhard Grest - head_base (Drystan)
Alfred ‘Gigi’ Whash - head_caucasian_30s_01 (Alan)
Kent Vezina - head_caucasian_50s_06 (Dorian)
G. L. Anderson - head_asian_50s_03 (Han)
James Hugh - head_arabic_20s_01 (Georgie)
Nils Karmech - head_hispanic_40s_02 (Seymour)
RJ ‘The One’ Nagasaw - head_caucasian_30s_16 (Wayne)
Jay Kevin Watson - head_african_30s_03 (Lester)
William Godbout - male_reg_sacheverell_new_head

Vincenzo ‘Vinnie’ Magareti - head_mastergarland (Garland)
Michael Smith - head_famousmusican (Guido)
Jawad Hassan - head_arabic_40s_05 (Sherif)
Rodger Dear - head_caucasian_40s_02 (Viktor)
Aamir Mahmoud - head_brandonjokotto (Brandon)
Vester Klausen - head_gervasevargas (Vargas)
Texas Watson - head_famousmusican (Guido)
Miroslav Vankov - head_arabic_40s_05 (Sherif)
Andy Xu - head_asian_20s_02 (Philip)
Cyriaque Villeneuve - head_archibaldcolt (Archibald)

Kevyn Daeks - head_indian_60s_02 (Balwinder)
Victor Martinez - head_indian_40s_02 (Anit)
Jorge Dufrense - head_hispanic_20s_01 (Titus)
Spiro Stefanidis - head_brandonjokotto (Brandon)
Sy Munths - head_defusingderrick (Derrick)
Ryak Jansen - head_arabic_40s_04 (Abdul)
Raynald Sun - head_caucasian_50s_07 (Manuel)
Jack Showalter (Remake) - head_jackshowalter (Jack)
JT Stubbs - head_caucasian_40s_21 (Diego) - New
Victor ‘Kye’ Larson - head_african_20s_02 (Jon)

Bjarki Leifsson - head_caucasian_20s_07 (Chris)
Reg Deschenes - head_caucasian_30s_14 (Bailey)
Tyler McKenzie - head_caucasian_40s_18 (Clerence)
Jon Royce - head_caucasian_30s_05 (Pascal)
Pranay Kumar - male_reg_pranaykumar_head (New)
Iosif Ignatiev - head_caucasian_60s_04_glasses (Brandt)
Nelson Lavoie - head_concernleader (Udesky)
Hal ‘Goona’ Jinks - head_orangetie (Williamson)
Dr. Ben Hopkins - head_caucasian_30s_11 (Arnold)
Manfred Cage - head_asian_20s_02 (Philip)

Jean-Luc Labelle - head_base (Drystan)
Shigeji Kusunoki - head_asian_30s_03 (Takewaki)
Fernando Varela - head_undercovercop (Rick)
Dirk Rose - head_caucasian_40s_07 (Ted)
Alan Haley - head_arabic_30s_01_beard (Gael)
Warren Teny - head_kantoconnectionleader (Nikki)

Susan ‘Sam’ Peters - head_african_20s_01 (Xia)
Suniti ‘Shanti’ Gadhavi - head_indian_20s_05 (Shanti)
Zoey Gabreth - head_asian_20s_13 (Mai)
Kristine Perry - head_empress (Bernie)
Evelia Cortez - head_stephanieclio (Stephanie)
Mina Suzuki - head_asian_20s_05 (Brie)
Natalja ‘Codi’ Sturm - head_caucasian_30s_01 (Anna)
Sumiko Hanai - female_reg_dede_head


Another Week, another Syndicate Sheet. That being said, I will pause on making the Syndicate Members for a bit now, so I can make more Heads, as even though I haven’t used all of them yet, I used the majority.

Anthony Amato - head_brandonjokotto (Brandon)
Henry Kellerman - head_caucasian_60s_05 (Otto)
Tarik Boulos - head_caucasian_50s_02 (Henry)
Geno Lomidize - head_caucasian_60s_03 (Tyree)
Erik Gibson - head_caucasian_70s_01 (Ordon)
Roger Vaughan Erickson - head_african_20s_03 (Clive)
John ‘Forecast’ Ryan - head_arabic_40s_04 (Abdul)
Thomas Humphrey - head_caucasian_20s_06 (Herb)
Jules Kim - head_african_30s_02 (Storm)
Jon Kevin - head_indian_60s_01 (Deepak)

Robert Holloway - head_caucasian_30s_12 (Allen)
Marek ‘The Psyh’ Coe - head_caucasian_30s_04 (Augustus)
Daniel McCann - head_caucasian_40s_05 (Roman)
Daniel McMahone - head_caucasian_40s_06 (Captain)
Dr. Bartolemeus Mairose - head_caucasian_50s_04 (Owais)
Josh Smalls - head_caucasian_20s_03 (Conrad)
Wretch Ludovic - head_caucasian_30s_07 (Harold)
Gary Bevan - head_caucasian_30s_08 (Finley)
Christoph Liedke - head_caucasian_20s_04 (Nino)
Bryan Foster - head_asian_20s_01 (Basil)

Chang Li Ah - head_asian_40s_03 (Octavius)
Aurelios Lori - head_arabic_50s_01 (Zain)
Rasim Salem - head_arabic_40s_03 (Yusef)
Toon de Vos - head_caucasian_40s_15 (Kai)
Walter Wisconsin - head_asian_50s_01 (Raiden)
Leon Barboza - head_arabic_20s_02 (Ken)
Max Frost - head_african_30s_03 (Lester)
Franz ‘The Salesman’ Wahner - head_african_20s_03_beard (Clive)
Karim Jarison - head_caucasian_40s_09 (Tristan)

Koko Young - head_base (Aarav)
Larissa Thiel - head_caucasian_20s_04 (Lulu)
Samantha Oliver - head_caucasian_20s_03 (Lauren)
Akiko Akai - head_asian_20s_05 (Brie)
Mireya Ovando - head_hispanic_20s_01 (Lisa)
Karen Tsukusa - head_asian_20s_11 (Hotaru)
Zoey Aprile - head_caucasian_30s_02 (Terry)

As stated above, I wanted to make more New Heads and as I got almost double amount of Male Heads to Female Heads as the latter is just more difficult for me to do, I want to focus on mainly making new Female Heads and so far it goes surprisingly well.

First, here’s Phoebe who’s gonna replace Terry as head_caucasian_30s_02.

In addition, I also did Meixiu or head_asian_20s_14. I originally planned on not doing her as I achieved a shape similair to her with my new Wenko Head, so as I didn’t had a bald version for said Head, I ended up doing her anyway and must say that I don’t regret it.


Made a new cartoon featuring Miami :flamingo::fountain_pen::boom:
(Did not enjoy animating the mascot head though. 0/10 would not do again)


I’ll see if anyone notices.

Full image:


another little cartoon thing. I always wanted to exploit this specific scene from the prologue since I saw it. it felt cool to finally do it


Queen of comedy! I wonder where you got the line ‘Oh s***’. :grin: Nice job.


Haha thanks! :blush:

That voice clip is from this interview with David Bateson where they do a silly skit at the end of it. It’s a good listen when you have the time


Me like

Monkey see monkey do.

(I’m going to fuck about with a firearm now).