Hitman Fan Art


Hey guys, it’s been a while since I posted some fan art on this forum, and it seems things changed around here but it’s looking cool.

These are two of them, pretty rough comp sketches, but I did them for fun. Hope you like them. Not sure if much will come after these, I’ll have to find some time to do more as they’re pretty fun to do.

Japan/Hokkaido discussion thread

Here’s the second one


Don’t mean to hijack your thread but this seemed like it would fit here more than it would deserve its own thread.

I found this sketch I made in like 11th grade… I remember the teacher saw me drawing it when I was supposed to be paying attention, and she said, “I’m loving everything except the gun.”


This looks amazing !


In case anybody needs to express their feelings with the help of pictures


Hahaha this is awesome :smiley:
Will use it for sure soon :smile:


couldn’t resist the urge of making a quick sketch of 47
Also, whoever has some fan art and wants to post it, feel free to post in this thread. Curios on what some of you come up with.


Ok here’s mine (game cover):


used my cellphone, samsung galaxy note 2



Thats great! the belts a bit weird though


There’s alot wrong with it. I took too many shortcuts.


Just to clarify, do you think the belt itself looks bad, or do you think it shouldn’t be there at all? Naturally since 47’s suit jacket is buttoned up, the belt shouldn’t technically be showing.

It’s a quick fix, which are the kind I like, unlike the arms which are way too small (Relative to a real Lego figure), which is not such a quick fix and is extremely tedious!


I think its perfect. just get rid of the belt and have that part black.

I wouldn’t change anything else


Well, it seems people got busy here which is awesome, and the results are pretty cool!

Here’s something from me again. Meh, it didn’t come out as I expected, but I don’t have time to work on it anymore so I’ll just leave it like this.


so badass!:heartbeat::two_hearts: love it


very cool! deserves a spot in the HITMAN artbook


Can I ask what you use to make these? Like what application/tools? They look awesome.


Very nice! :ok_hand:


Thanks for your kind words guys!

I use Photoshop and to be able to draw properly I use a Wacom Intuos 5.