Hitman Fan Art

of course! I’ll post one tomorrow :smiley:


Hitman 2 in Hitman 2 Style(Mumbai in the style of St. Petersburg Stakeout loading screen from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin)


Ermergerd it’s so good! Thank you! :smiley: how did you make it so quickly?


Took a couple hours :smile:

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The Wang Fou Incident

(@MrOchoa might like this :wink:)


Nice, I’m always happy to see some Love for the Trilogy :heart:


Nice one @IndianAgent47 :+1:

Do you think you would be able to create something involving The Five Fathers? Similar to these…


Credit the artist. The second one here and the one in your bably thread are by Vata (also as yibingling on DA)

If you’re enjoying her fanarts, have enough courtesy to at least give her the credit.



jeez ok, it’s not like he’s claiming it as his own

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That changes absolutely nothing. Just have the goddamn courtesy to type a name.

I get it crediting original work is important but here he just used it as a reference to a request and no harm intended to the artist. He’s not even claiming it as his own and a lot of times you find stuff on google images and sites other than the site where the artist posted it and it’s hard to get the artist’s name there. What I’m saying is no need to come off as rude because of this reason, if someone was posting the artwork and saying they did it I would’ve agreed with you


That’s not an excuse, it changes nothing, again. By reposting without the credit, you’re just making it so that the next time will be harder to find the original artist of that picture - it will get reposted without credit again and again, till searches won’t show you the OP, only uncredited reposts.

Yes, and this exactly is the reason, why is hard to get the artist name, see? Not crediting when posting elsewhere.
So how it’s going to get better without telling ppl to credit the artist? It won’t.

maybe he himself doesn’t even know where the picture is from? I have tons of uncredited Artworks where i dont know who did them, unfortunately.


Reverse image search. Three seconds. Easy peasy. Don’t perpetuate this futher.

As i wrote above, reverse image search. And are you absolutely missing the point? Reposting it further without credit makes even harder to find the OP later, so don’t perpetuate it. Circling around.

Christ, why it it always thousands of old tired excuses, instead of just “oh yeah, fixed”.

Well if you wanna solve this you would have to go to the source which will be hard to find within the thousands of sites where it’s reposted. I mean the first site/dude who reposted without credit is the culprit, not someone who merely took it and reposted it cause he thought it was cool and for a purpose like a reference.

Like in pirating games the dude who pirates it and distributes it is the criminal, not the downloader

I know that probably no one takes requests but can someone make fan art of Penelope Graves?


Here you go

Use it however you want but DO CREDIT ME!


Love it. It’s a materpiece.


Thanks, i just hope other Artists wont be so intimidated by its glory that they don’t upload their own artworks anymore :thinking: