Hitman Fan Art


I had some spare time after art class so I drew Jordan and Viktor…They’re actually in the same picture, but in the end I screwed Viktor up and in the pic I took before that Jordan looked stupid because of a weird angle I took the picture from. I used a ballpoint pen so there was no going back. :smiley:


Heyy, that is pretty decent actually, not bad man… and with a pen too! awesome job! :wink::+1:


Thanks, it would be easier to use pencil because then I could also erase my mistakes, but then I couldn’t get as good pictures. :smiley:


Why don’t you first draw it in pencil first. Then when it’s exactly how you like, maybe go over it again with a very fine Sharpie tip??


Yeah, that would work. But these were just quick drawings I drew at school, I didn’t mean to use very much time.[quote=“AGENT4T7, post:184, topic:664”]
Heyy, that is pretty decent actually,
Why does this remind me of Jordan’s “that’s pretty decent of you”? :thinking:




Agent 47 with his lovely canary :bird:

Young Soders

It’s not mine, it’s from Deviantart :thumbsup:


daaaaaaaayum that first one is good




Work in progress. Any creative input would be much appreciated :smiley: based on the 2016 hitman but with a little more darker tones from Contracts. Will update this post when done. Probably by the weekend :smile:


pretty cool and awesome!!!


That’s looking great so far! Can’t wait to see it finished :smiley:


Thank you!, I can’t wait to finish it but with work and kids I don’t get much spare time :smiley:


Oh I hear ya man! Lol take your time, I’m sure it’ll turn out great.


It’s not perfect but practice practice practice hope you guys like it.
@Silverballer @FrankFuchs @HMBM47 @Mike_Marsbergen


That’s awesome!


The top of the tie is so detailed, especially the bright and dark areas on it. Very good work, 47 would be proud :smile:


Love it! Nice job on that!


Hey, that’s actually pretty good! A hell of a lot better than what I could do that’s for sure :laughing: Well done!


Thanks folks :smile: