Hitman Fan Art


Ok so I asked this a while back and never heard from anyone lol so I dare ask again :laughing:

I requested somebody with artistic talent (and judging by some posts here, there are definitely many of you)

I was wondering if maybe one of you would get inspiration from the following photos…

Basically the idea would be 47 disguised as the Golf Coach, holding up a regular golf ball, slightly looking over his shoulder back at Caruso about to swing while having a very faint smirk on 47’s face.
(Indicating that 47 switched the golf balls around :smiling_imp:)

I really REALLY would like to see what someone comes up with. I know I sound like a broken record, but my art skills are crap and I really want a picture like that. Please! Someone give it a try lol


Maybe when I’ve finished my current project that’s would be a very cool picture :smiley:


Would you have time one day to draw just the snake and the gun like a tattoo please? I kinda would like maybe maybe to make a tattoo in the future on my chest with this one.
I want to know what it looks like in black and white.


Here ya go! :laughing:

Thank you @tobiasrieper.48 I would really appreciate that! Whenever you can get around to it :slightly_smiling_face:


A close up of 47 from waist height I reckon with caruso in the background. I’ve got a whole book of how to draw people from my lovely future wife so that can be a project for that :smiley: at the moment I want to concentrate on portraits and get at least a couple as good as I’d like. I wasn’t happy with the 47 drawing I did. Worked the paper too much and I tried charcoal but it messed it up :frowning:


That’s great man, I look forward to seeing it. But I think the drawing you did of 47 was fantastic! But as you said, practice makes perfect. :wink:


If you’re gonna be so specific you should just commission someone to do it man. There’s plenty of talented artists out there, perhaps even people on this forum who could produce the drawing for a small fee.


No doubt there are some talented artists on this forum (which is why I asked) but if nobody here would want to do it, that’s fine too, just thought I’d throw the idea out there.

All I have is “blood money”


Just a little something i did really quick. The screenshot is from Hitman 2 ‘The Graveyard Shift’
The quote is by Alexander Leland Cayne, from a Hitman Blood Money trailer.


(Not mine. Thought it looked cool.)


I’ve spent 12 days on this piece of beauty, so I hope you appreciate the fine brush strokes and care taken.


Hey, I liked your idea so I thought I’d try and give it a go. Took me about 7 hours, but I did my best.


https://discord.gg/7jGurc join the hitman discord


I already have, I’m on there.


I like what you did with the shadowing there…:wink:


This piece I called, “Doonana Bumbleweed”, and I think it is the most faithful Diana rendition I have seen yet.


Here’s another one, a genius rendition of Gordo Foss and Kandi Murdun, my two favourite targets from the game (not really, they’re awful)!


these get better and better!


I am now taking commissions for my beautiful, thought-out art, so feel free to suggest targets for beautifying, huehue!


I want the IT nerd from Basement Killing.