Hitman Fan Art


I’ll have a look. (20 characters)


Give me a picture and I shall deliver from the heavens themselves.


@Aegis_Chrome your pictures are awesome :smile: I present: Erich Oooctoopus.


I don’t think I’ve ever been sexually attracted to a picture, but now is the time.


He is so attractive, especially his “beautiful” legs… :mask::laughing:


What do you get if you cross a fast car with an Italian genius? FUCKING SILVIO CARUSO!


you need to click it



Charlie Slugjan, scourge of IT technicians and assorted pooter people everywhere. And he’s a slug.


Forget Dalia and Viktor, these two are the REAL power couple!


“The ICA board has sanctioned the elimination of former training director, Erich Spoders, clearing you for duty…”


Lmao :joy:


If you haven’t viewed Novikov as a walking jar of piss at least once, somethings wrong with your head. Or is it mine…


Here’s a fun, Hitman fact! Did you know, before the final concept of the game was finalised, 47 was going to be a cyborg CIA bunny with a fever and his main target would not be the chess master Jasper Knight, but his twin brother, the famous pilot Jasper Kite. You can see why they scrapped it.


And in another early test build, Kalvin “The Sparrow” Ritter was an actual sparrow, with the guards being Dachshunds and Mr. Norfolk being a deformed snail.




:laughing: What the fuck happened to this thread?!


I think the more OG way of doing it is



Oh, no, my original one was about the user Spodey, not actual Spiderman.


I know kek, before he changed the name and everything to this meme kid he was the original Spoderman by name and avatar.