Hitman Fan Art


Oh, okay, didn’t know.


Something beautiful, my dear… Something beautiful…


I made this a week before Sapienza was going to be released :grin:


Hey guys! Wow, this thread went places since I last posted.
Anyways, it’s been a while since I sketched the bald man so here’s a rough one.


Welcome back, agent!


Since the restriction of uploading multiple pics has been lifted from my profile, here is my second fan art of Agent 47.
Painted in May 17th-18th, 2013. It is the second oil painting portrait since I started practicing oil painting. Today the number of portraits made is 9.


That is… REALLY good! Jeez, I love it!


Those are very good, dude. Nice!


Found this on google (not mine) had to share :laughing:




“They gave us Vodka.”

ABSOLUTion Vodka :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


(Not mine.)


This is amazing! Is it your work?


It really is cool!

But no, it’s not my work, I found it on google. I should have mentioned that before :sweat_smile:



Drew 47 and agent Smith to my fanmade project. (Maybe coming some day, I’ve been planning that for countless hours.) Smith’s head seems to be bigger but I don’t really compare the heads I draw to each other. :^)


I finally have my computer back, so expect a few more of these, but here’s the latest abomination! Santa Claus!


I’m not as happy with this one as the others, I think there’s something that stands out in the pic, but I just can’t place it…


what in hell’s name is this foul abomination