Hitman Fan Art


what in hell’s name is this foul abomination


The true face of beauty, my friend, beauty incarnate.


This is so amazing. What application you use to draw this ? Inkscape ?


Thank you. I use photoshop.


This is my version of chibi 47.
Since this is my first 5 days of learning inkscape, please excuse my noob skills.


Well you made “chibi 47” have the Fiber Wire. It’s an A+ in my book :wink::+1:


Thank you.
To be honest, the original design was much cuter, but i don’t think it’s suitable for 47 since he is grumpy most of the time.


For all the creative people here; does anyone of you know if there’s a specific name for this kind of artstyle?

I got these images from the The Vanishing of Ethan Carter prequel-comic. I think this artstyle is very nice. I like how the drawings are not detailed, but at the same time very detailed. Anyway, can somebody give me a name of some sorts?

PS sorry for posting this in the HITMAN Fan Art, but I didn’t really know where else to put it :sweat_smile:


I usually see stuff like that being called Matte Painting or Concept Painting.


Thank you!


Check out piotr jablonski. Hope I spelled that correct.

He has a similar ish art style


Those illustrations look more like photos painted over, I guess it goes by name of photobash. It saves time and solves some color/light problems that you’ll encounter when doing everything from scratch. Piotr does the opposite.


I tried to make something of 47 in Sketchbook. That yellow thingy is 47’s head FYI.


That photo reminds me of the scene from
"The Mask" :joy:


So here’s my first serious fan art for Hitman.


“Waiting for Season 2” - Caramoxyde


Good title :smile:


Wow, this is good. It triggers a feeling. Like something not unusual in 47’s universe.


Why the sad face tho?


Even in 47’s universe coffee exists.