Hitman Fan Art


That’s the question.

Here’s the @borek921 Special:

Now 47 looks even more terrifying, honestly.


What medium did you use? Love the picture :smiley:


I used Photoshop! Thanks you!


So I saw my dad today and he is just about finished with his second Hitman drawing he did for me. He just needs to finish the lettering and shading.

This was the first one he drew for my 26th Birthday last year.

Once he is done with the one above, he has agreed to draw this one for me. I love it! Can’t wait to frame this too!



looks great! its also nice that your dad knows about your Hobbies. When i told my Mother she could buy me Mortal Kombat 9 for my birthday, when it came out 2011, she asked me if i still play “Nintendo“. :joy:
Everything related to Gaming is “Nintendo“ for my Parents :joy:


Lmao that’s funny man.

But yeah it is nice that my dad does these drawlings for me. I appreciate it a lot. He hasn’t played video games since he was a kid. But he does listen to me ramble on about Hitman.

He tried to play Hitman in the past, but even with my fine expertise, he cannot crack it. :joy::joy::joy:

But then again, I can’t draw like him either and believe me, I tried. Lol

I always enjoyed all types of art, but I for the life of me can’t draw. I mean I’m not terrible, I can at least do more than just “stick figures” :laughing: But I still enjoy all forms of art nonetheless.




A quick drawing of Viktor Novikov in Sharpie, and I’m rather pleased with it!
(As you can tell I’m no Beldingford at drawing targets!)