Hitman Fan Art


Bro this is so good if you sell these masterpieces you can get good money for it


My wife made me this painting for my birthday. It combines two things I currently like: Vaporware themes and Hitman. I love it!


Your Artworks are fucking awesome! if i had your Talent, i’d draw the 5 Fathers, sittin together on a Table, like Da Vincis Last Supper :joy:


Wonderful work. My favorite art that you made is the one with the W2000. It’s so well done.

Are you Romanian by any chance? I’m asking cause of your name :yum:


Thanks a lot for the kind words guys!

@badeaguard Yes, I’m from the land of sarmale and mamaliguta.


Same as me then :grin: But I grew up and living in Italy. I’m from Drobeta Turnu Severin, you?


I’m from further up north in Suceava.


So is your art made with a software or hand painted on something?


It’s made in photoshop using a wacom tablet.


A quick one I just did as a warm up since I’m about to work on Key Art for my next animated short.


If you wouldn’t mind posting a link to your others I’d love to see


Sorry… don’t have more right now. :frowning:
I did think about doing a “20 years of Hitman” poster… then I realized it’s only been 18 years of Hitman. Hahaha.


There’s one I always thought would be cool which is 47 on a walkalator/conveyor at an airport boarding area with his baggage and the seats he passes by feature all the targets from Season 1 including the ET’s and they are all doing funny things or just chilling waiting for their flight.


you mean like the menue from Blood Money, where all killed Targets appear in the Church?
that would be cool.


Made a little tribute to the original Hitman 2 :smile:


Wasn’t sure if I should post this in the Hotline Thread or here… Might do both. This is my first resprite. I made everyone’s favorite assassin in Hotline Miami. Note: I only made the face.


I’m so eager to play HITMAN2 and share the experience with the community.
(It’s only a fan art, the copyright of the logo goes to IO)


quick sketch i tried to do. first time drawing 47. tried to do the fiberwire stance. fucked up arm proportions, facement of facial features, and you can see when i realized the fiberwire didn’t go straight across horizontally :frowning: but overall i think it’s good for my first time


I did these female 47s to see if I could draw a bald female character without relying on big ole breasts to be feminine. Kinda didn’t work lmao

I’m sure Miss 47 would own a wide variety of wigs, since – in all honesty – a bald woman wouldn’t blend in anywhere.

Helga Kruger: world’s most famous platinum blonde or most defying bald model? 47 would steal her look anyway.


Back at this thread again this fan art from last week

Turns out if you use screentones, most artworks will have a manga-ish look