Hitman Fan Art


I bet people would donate to you for a manga with this style.


Oh, I wish :'D (not a fan of drawing comics though)

Also, I got other art too! Though if you follow IOI on twitter you must’ve seen them already.

(this one’s a little edgy, I’ll admit)

Tried to do a lineup pic inspired by the “Essentials” bundle on Steam.


Eh I like the first one. 47 surely often seems to be Diana’s puppet.


I like the second one, each 47’s colors match well to their respective games.


I stared at a lot of screenshots from those games to get the lighting right. Some colour picking too. I have a thing for accuracy :stuck_out_tongue: Glad you like it!



the first fanart i actually put effort into :stuck_out_tongue: tried to draw 47 bowing with the Silverballer in hand, hope it turned out good


The second one is amazing.


TY! ^^

Oh well I need 20 characters, so I’ll post this little comic I sketched to cheer up after seeing another comic of mine being reposted on tumblr…


Can you animate it? So it is only two panels and the top panel is switching between the first two here, as if 47 is crouching-standing-crouching?

@cakeblock941 It looks nice, the forearm is too long tho.


That’s a really funny idea, but unfortunately I have no idea how to animate (especially using Paint Tool SAI)


EDIT: some tiny errors but whatev


Some low quality/effort artwork (I will edit in when it’ll be colored soon!)

The head shape looks super weird lol


I’m working my way through Inktober - yesterday’s prompt was Guarded.


Here’s the colored + detailed version!

It turns out a fine-liner can’t shade in different levels, it creates a black mark wherever and however you press it so I left a lot of spaces white to give a sense if lighting. Messed up the eyes at first(47 looked like he was about to cry) so I made it fully dark which looks cool too. I noticed it while drawing that there’s a shadow of a box on 47’s forehead which is of the gun!
Pretty awesome detail but hard to notice! Not much to say so I hope you like it :+1:



9/10 Rocco stands on the wrong balcony


Nice work. I have a mad respect for artists who do Inktober. I sure know I wouldn’t have the motivation to draw every single day.


Give me your Instagram ID
Since I’m doing this Inktober thing this year
I want to see what others are doing


Fan Art by Steam


Ay man you just reposted it from r/hitman :rage:

not saying it’s not fair or anything I was going to do the same but you beat me to it :joy:


lol I just copied from Steam. But I was slowpoke on that I guess.

In other news: Guys did you hear? Hitman 2 got announced!